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Extreme Sports in Turkey: Your full guide 2023

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What are the extreme sports in Turkey Where is it done Turkey is one of the best places in the world to participate in extreme sports. Because there is a different geography all over the country. For adrenaline lovers, gyms or short evening walks are sometimes not enjoyable enough. 

Sports fans who want to add excitement to their lives and have different experiences, depending on speed, strength, endurance and focus, extreme sports that sometimes pose a certain level of danger consider them to be indispensable activities. Surrounded by seas on three sides and very rich in different landforms such as mountains, forests and rivers, Turkey is a paradise for extreme sports enthusiasts. We have researched this topic for you and created a list. “What are the extreme sports in Turkey and where are they performed ” If you’re wondering, here are the answers.

Extreme sports in Turkey

What are the Extreme Sports in Turkey and Where are They Performed

Extreme sports draw enthusiasts sometimes to the deepest of green and sometimes to the farthest corner of the infinite blue. Requiring a solid body and a strong focus, such sports continue to attract millions of people all over the world. So what are extreme sports in Turkey Where are extreme sports held in Turkey If you are wondering the answer to this question, here is the list we have prepared for you:

Bungee Jumping in Turkey: The Irresistible Thrill of Jumping Into the Void

Perhaps the first that comes to mind when it comes to extreme sports is bungee jumping, that is, jumping from high to space. Could there be something more of an adrenaline burst than jumping into a void Who knows. Bungee jumping, which is performed in the form of jumping down depending on a mechanism from a high place, is widely preferred in Turkey. 

You can find bungee jumping spots in many different parts of Turkey. Conveniently equipped and prepared canyons, cliff edges or steep slopes are conducive to leaving oneself down, in a bottomless gap and facing the fear of heights. In many places you can experience the thrill of bungee jumping on crane platforms. There are also special platforms for those who will be bungee jumping for the first time. 

Extreme sports in Turkey

Top 5 Places to Do Bungee Jumping in Turkey

  • Aya Yorgi Bay/ Cesme- Izmir
  • Oludeniz/ Fethiye
  • Lara Beach/ Antalya
  • Kilyos/ Istanbul
  • Kazlicesme/ Istanbul

Skydiving in Turkey: Facing the Biggest Fear

Another extreme sport as popular as bungee jumping in Turkey is skydiving. Skydiving means jumping down from an aerial vehicle like an aircraft thousands of meters above the ground with a parachute in the back and making free fall. Free fall, of course, after a while leaves its place to float with a parachute. The excitement of jumping from the sky down into space is sure to be unique. 

If you’re going to try the sport, also defined by many as sky diving, for the first time, you need to take part in skydiving training before. Especially for amateurs, tandem jumping is recommended. Tandem jumping is called skydiving, which is done with a professional or a specialist. There are institutions in Turkey that offer this extreme sport as an experience. It is possible to find these institutions, especially around the Aegean region.

Above all if we need to tell a little about the feeling of skydiving: First think about the fear that emptiness creates in you. You will face that fear. After defeating it, you will feel the light wind and enjoy a world with a bird’s eye view. Approaching earth until the parachute opens! After turning on your parachute, the excitement will diminish, but the fun won’t end. Now it’s time to float in the air!

Skydiving in turkey

What Materials Are Required for Skydiving

  • Parachute
  • Replacement Parachute
  • Manual Parachute (Rasit) Kusham (Harnes)
  • Cyprus
  • Jumping Helmet
  • Jumping Goggles
  • High Measuring Wristwatch

Top 5 Places to Do Bungee Skydiving in Turkey

Cave Diving in Turkey: The Most Extreme Of Diving Species

Does the hidden world of caves appeal to you Now we’re taking that excitement one step forward: cave diving. Cave diving allows you to explore the secret-filled world of caves. Cave diving, which you can do in many different regions, is considered one of the most dangerous and most adrenaline-laden sports in the world. Therefore cave diving requires simultaneously possessing different skills such as night diving, directing and deep diving. If you want to do cave diving and pursue the unknown freely, cave daving training should first be trained. 

If we need to tell a bit about the feeling of Cave Diving: It’s always exciting to pursue the unknown. Do you remember the excitement you felt when you discovered a secret place in your childhood Here add the silence to that feeling and the curiosity that comes with being in another world entirely.

Cave Diving in turkey

Top 3 Places to Do Bungee Cave Diving in Turkey

  • Suluin Cave/ Antalya
  • Altinbesik Cave/ Antalya
  • Kure Mountains Caves

Wakeboarding in Turkey: The Challenge to Stay Standing at High Speed on Water

Wakeboarding is called the sport of moving on a board from behind the speed motor, holding on to the rope. This sport requires a strong physique and fitness. So running the whole body, from triceps to back calves, this sport is ideal for those looking for a place to let go of their energy. You can experience wakeboarding on azure seas on coastal areas. It is also possible to do it in water parks with the appropriate platform. 

Wakeboarding in Turkey

Top 5 Places to Do Bungee Wakeboarding in Turkey

Kiteboarding in Turkey: Freedom on Water

Kiteboarding is another of the extreme sports you can experience in the seas that don’t act stingy in terms of wind. Kitesurfing, a favorite of high-speed enthusiasts, basically means moving freely on the water, to balance the strength of the kite attached to the trapeze in the hull with a board on the feet. If you are professional enough and have also found the ideal wind, you can jump high and showcase your energy and all your skills in the air. Of course, long-term training is essential for this. 

Wakeboarding in turkey

Top 6 Top Places to Do Kiteboarding in Turkey

  • Alacati/ Izmir
  • Datca/ Mugla
  • Akyaka-Gokova Bay/ Mugla
  • Urla/ Izmir
  • Patara/ Kas- Antalya
  • Gokceada/ Canakkale

Windsurfing in Turkey: Freedom Brought by the Wind

There is a sport that makes man wiggle in wind-heavy weather: Windsurfing. Windsurfing, which you can do in many of the coastal regions of Turkey, is done using a sail attached to the surfboard. Windsurfing, which you can easily learn after a short period of training, brings adrenaline lovers together with cool waters. 

The wind that strokes your hair and the feeling that everything in the universe is connected and that you are a part of it.

Windsurfing in turkey

Top 5 Places to Do Windsurfing in Turkey

  • Bodrum/ Mugla
  • Alacati/ Izmir
  • Datca/ Mugla
  • Ayvalik/ Balikesir
  • Gokceada/ Canakkale

Rafting in Turkey: Peaks the Excitement in the Excitement of Excitement

Another sport that brings together countless adrenaline enthusiasts in many parts of Turkey is rafting. There are rivers that can be rafted all over Turkey. Therefore you can rafting in four corners of Turkey, from the Coruh River in Artvin to the Dalaman River located in Muğla. Moreover, everyone can do this sport with different levels of difficulty. You can start from level 1 with a short-term training. You can enjoy more difficult trails by continuing trainings.

Rafting in turkey

Top 5 Most Popular Places to Do Rafting in Turkey

  • Coruh River/ Artvin
  • Storm River/ Rize
  • Köprüçay/ Antalya
  • Dalaman Tea/ Mugla
  • Munzur Tea/ Tunceli

Motocross in Turkey: Motocross: Extreme Sport Combining Motorcycle Masters

Motocross is an extreme sport where freestyle movements are displayed by motorcycle. This sport began to be held in Europe in the 1950s and in the United States in the 1970s. It has not taken much time for motocross to become known and made in Turkey. Today, motocross races are held in Turkey on special trails decorated with artificial or natural hills. There is also a federation in Turkey of the motocross that whips its desire to survive with adrenaline. 

Motocross in turkey

Top 4 Most Popular Places to Make Motocross in Turkey

  • Istanbul Hezarfen Trails
  • Enduropark Trails
  • Hayrabolu Trails
  • Fethiye Enduro and Motocross Trails

Paragliding in Turkey: Prepare to Talk to the Sky

Paragliding is a fun extreme sport for those who enjoy seeing the world from a different perspective. In spring and summer, especially in the Oludeniz region, you can often see those who experience flying in the sky. Ölüdeniz is not the only location for paragliding. If paragliding is done together with two people, it gets the name tandem paragliding. If you say, “I want to experience this excitement by myself,” it is necessary to go through a prolonged educational process. Paragliding is in the class of dangerous among extreme sports, although it is safe in the company of instructors.

Paragliding turkey

Top 10 Places to Do Paragliding in Turkey

  • Babadağ/ Fethiye
  • Çokelez Mountain/ Denizli
  • Abant/ Bolu
  • Alidağ/Kayseri
  • Munzur Mountains/Erzincan
  • Asas Hill/ Kas-Antalya
  • Dynamite Hill/ Pamukkale
  • Inönü Hill/ Eskisehir
  • Bozdağ/ Izmir
  • Nemrut/ Adiyaman

Wingsuit in Turkey: Sports Where You Can Wing and Fly

If you want to wing and fly in the sky, the wingsuit is the ideal sport for you. Described as the ultimate point of the sport of skydiving, the wingsuit requires special equipment and training for a long time. Parachute schools, where these jumps are made and trainings are given, are called “DropZone”. There is only one institution where you can get this air sports training in Turkey, which has just begun to be recognized. This is the Skydive Ephesus school, which is affiliated with the Turkish Air Agency in Izmir. In this sport, you can fly like a bird in the sky thanks to a special winged garment that covers your body. Looking at the world from above with the Wingsuit you will find that adrenaline has no limit. 

Wingsuit in turkey

2 Places to Make a Wingsuit in Turkey

  • In Selcuk (Izmir) and Sivrihisar (Izmir) it is possible to make wingsuit from the plane.
  • In Cappadocia, which is famous for hot air balloons, you can also make a wingsuit jump from the balloon.

Mountaineering in Turkey: To Those Who Live in the Highlands

Mountaineering, which allows you to get a little closer to the top every step of the way, is an endless story for many adrenaline lovers. Mountain climbing, which is widely held in Turkey, even has its own federation. You can join mountaineering activities in many parts of Turkey to discover the mysteries and challenges of the mountains. 

Mountaineering in turkey

Top 8 Most Popular Places to Do Mountaineering in Turkey

  • Uzundere/ Erzurum
  • Geyikbayırı/ Antalya
  • Aladağlar/ Niğde
  • Sources/ Izmir
  • Narlıdere/ Bursa
  • Kakkarlar/ Rize
  • Ballıkayalar Canyon/ Kocaeli
  • Lake Bafa/ Mugla

Scuba Diving in Turkey: There’s Another World Beneath the Sea

Scuba diving, which is a water sport, is unpopular, is of course unthinkable, while our three sides are surrounded by the seas. This extreme sport is one of the sports that is often preferred by those who wonder about the world under the sea. Although scuba diving is not considered an extreme sport for some, who can argue that life in infinite depths does not excite You can easily do scuba diving in touristic coastal areas, which require many equipments. 

We’re not sure if scuba diving counts from extreme sports; but it sure takes man to an extreme world. Scuba diving, which is a sport with equipment such as diving suits, pallets, masks, regulators and spare air supply, can be learned with short-term trainings accompanied by specialists. It is of course unthinkable that scuba diving is not popular while in Turkey, a country surrounded by sea on three sides. There are many scuba diving zones, especially in the tourist coastal areas of Turkey. 

As for the feeling of plunging and gliding through the waters: it is better to relax this from divers. For instance, when Jacques Mayhol, one of the most known figures, was asked how he felt under the water, he replied, “I’m looking for a reason to go upstairs.”

Scuba Diving in turkey

Tools Needed for Scuba Diving

  • Oxygen tube
  • Scuba diving suit
  • Diving balance vest
  • Dive regulator
  • Diving computer
  • Compass
  • Diving octopus
  • Diving mask
  • Palette for diving
  • Custom socks
  • Waistband
  • Undersea lantern
  • Moorings
  • Knife

Top 6 Top Places For Turkey Diving Sites

  • Fener Island/ Cesme- Izmir
  • Flying Fish/ Kas- Antalya
  • Big Reef/ Bodrum- Mugla
  • Akvaryum Bay/ Fethiye- Mugla
  • Sakarya Wreck/ Kalkan- Scuba Antalya
  • Delimehmet/ Ayvalik- Balıkesir