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How to establish a travel agency in Turkey 2023

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This article will teach you how to establish a travel agency in Turkey by obtaining TÜRSAB (Tourist license in Turkey), as well as how to apply and all the processes involved.

Opening a tourism agency in Turkey can be a very good investment, as Turkey is one of the fastest growing touristic destinations in the world.

establish a travel agency in Turkey

Opening a travel agency in Turkey

Investors and owners of both local and foreign capital are always looking for ways to invest in Turkey’s tourism sector because it is one of the world’s top tourist destinations, with more than 50 million visitors last year, and it is the world’s seventh-largest tourism sector in terms of visitors. This means that work is done in the tourism field and its related sectors.

However, if you want to work in tourism in Turkey, you first need to get a TÜRSAB license. Learn about the TÜRSAB license in Turkey, its requirements, and how to get one to work in tourism.

What is TÜRSAB

It is a professional organization and association of Turkish travel agencies, issued in the form of an official document issued by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism for commercial enterprises to carry out the activity of a travel agency, its goal is to contribute to the development of the tourism sector and address the problems facing the tourism sector in Turkey.

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It is divided into three categories A, B, and C according to activity.

A: It performs all travel agency services and has a bank guarantee of 7,000TL.

B: It sells tickets for international road, sea and air transport vehicles and tours organized by travel agencies and has a bank guarantee of 6,000TL.

C: Organizing local tours for Turkish citizens only, with a bank guarantee of 5,000TL.

license of Travel agency in Turkey

How to obtain Tourist license in Turkey

You must follow these conditions in order to be able to open a tourism agency in Turkey:

  • Establishing a company in Turkey with a capital of at least 100,000TL.
  • Inclusion of tourism activity within the company’s activities.
  • Employing at least one person who has graduated in the field of hotel management, or holds a foreign language certificate, or holds a tourist guide certificate issued by the Ministry of Tourism.
  • Availability of a bank guarantee for the class to be selected 5,000TL, 6,000TL, 7,000TL.
  • The presence of an office specialized in tourism activity.

Procedures for applying for a TÜRSAB license in Turkey

  • An application for a license is submitted.
  • The request and response are processed within a maximum period of 30 days.
  • Upon approval, the category is selected according to the activity practiced, and the bank guarantee is seized accordingly (the amount will be refunded upon revocation of the license).
  • Payment of the state fee for registration and obtaining a TÜRSAP license which is as of 2022: 68.476,43 TL.
  • Pay the annual license fee, usually 5% of the registration fee paid.

Documents that must be submitted to obtain a TÜRSAB license

  • The company’s commercial register.
  • Signature approval.
  • Official Gazette (if issued).
  • Letter of application for the license.
  • A letter of undertaking approving the change of the company’s trade name, if it already exists.
  • Bank guarantee letter.
  • Full partner and employee information.
  • A certificate confirming the qualifications of the employee working in the travel office.