Work with us

Do you have what it takes?

We are not just another job on the market we are pidya, we are bold enough to dream of changing the world positively.

We are not creating articles here, we are writing history, introducing cultures and promoting economical opportunities for everyone from everywhere

Abdullah Habib

We are not hiring employees, we are recruiting brothers and sisters in arms, friends and family member’s.

What will you get?

Would you like to rent us some of your limited time everyday in exchange for a a very limited salary that makes you work under pressure and think of quitting everyday? No we don’t want this too!

That’s why we decided to give our Pidya family members a fair and good employment environment that will include but not limited to:

  • A very good salary that we guarantee to be above sector average no matter what, we will make sure you are getting paid well above anyone else who work the same hours as you on the same skill level.
  • increasing this salary every year according to a lot of factors, to make sure your purchasing power is at least the same.
  • We care about your health that’s why we provide Monthly Gym benefit.
  • We care about your growth and development thats Why we provide monthly books and courses benefit
  • The world is so big, why not explore it every now and then? That’s why we provide yearly traveling benefit
  • We want you to turn the environment around you little bit more green, that’s why we offer a monthly plant benefit
  • In pidya group, we never forget about our less fortunate human fellows, that’s why we offer a monthly donation benefit so you can donate and help others!

What do we want?

We welcome everyone but we will be very selective, it’s compulsory for anyone who wants to contact us here to have one of the following skills

  • The ability to commit to anything
  • A mad desire to change the world
  • Creativity ( The ability to create stuff even If they don’t work we will try to make them work)
  • A mind that can connect the unconnected dots
  • A heart that loves Turkey
  • The ability to THINK BIG and dream
  • A heart that loves humanity

We are mainly looking for people who has skills in writing and translation, nevertheless if you believe your self to posses a skill or an idea that can contribute to the growth of pidya, you are more than welcome to contact us.

if you are wondering by now how can you join us congratulations you finished your first task (To read the written above) now, you can send us an email on [email protected] and don’t forget to include this code AXG76 in the subject of the email so we can be sure you really finished your first task ;).

We won’t tell you what to send us, you can send your CV, an introductory video, or whatever you feel will make us understand you. better just be yourself.

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