Turkish van cats

Turkish Van Cat .. a complete guide

Turkish van cat is one of the smartest cat breeds out there, with it’s personality, hunting skills the van cat will make the best pet.

Turkish Van Cat

Turkish van cat personality

Turkish van cats are known for hunting mice and pests. They are friendly and affectionate and love nature. The cat can get cold during the winter months because of it’s hair is thin.

Van cat Eyes

It has large walnut-shaped eyes that can be amber, blue or one amber and the other blue. Its ears are round and wedge-shaped; are located at a fairly high level on their heads.

one of the most important features in van cat is two different eye colors that are caused by a genetic disorder. Some have both eyes blue; some have both eyes amber. The most interesting are those with one eye blue and one eye amber.

Van Turkish cat

Turkish van cat breeds

The Most Beautiful of Cats The Van Cat is a purebred cat that lives only in the Van Sea Basin, the van cat breed is well known for loving water and it’s considered as a rare cat breed.

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