Turkish van cat personality is unique and different, it’s a medium to large sized cat with a strong body. Its semi-long shaggy coat is distinguished by it’s solid white color with colored patches on the head and tail only. Its fur also gives it a special feel and is waterproof, which explains why Van cats love water.

Turkish van cat personality

Turkish van cat personality and character

Van cats enter the water voluntarily and enjoys it. Unlike other cats, Van cats adapt to all kinds of different environments in a very short time. Known for hunting mice and pests, this cat ranks first among the pets that are desired to be fed with its friendly and affectionate attitude. It has an athletic and energetic structure.

They hop in the lap of those who love them. They are jealous of their owners who express love for other cats and young children.

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You need to be careful about your Turkish van cat as she loves nature and tends to run away from home.

These affectionate cats stay with their owners and require constant attention. the cat can get cold during the winter months because of it’s hair is thin.

You should not be stubborn with this stubborn cat breed. This cat, who is fond of freedom, swims in the water whenever it wishes, and swims in the summer to cool off.

 Turkish van cat character

The cats manage the places on which they settle firmly. They don’t like to see other cats in their living rooms. They would want to return to the old spot if they don’t like a new area as their living room or houses are modified. Van cats will become accustomed in 20 to 30 days to their new locations. They observe the surroundings during this time and are not interested in the owners.

Van cats enjoy being in a family setting with human beings. If they don’t have a bond with human beings or have a little relationship, they’re beginning to get wild.

They very gentle and loving. They need love especially during pregnancy. They are really close to and love the owners. They react and run when they see strangers

Turkish Van cats meow happily as they see their owners in the morning to demonstrate their satisfaction. When they’re starving, they’re going to the kitchen door and they’re going to meows to imply they’re hungry.

What is the most important things in Turkish van cat personality?

Van cat has a unique and different personality, loving to swim in water and adapt to all kinds of environments is one of the most important characteristics of the cat.

Does van cat likes to swim in water?

Yes! the cat loves to swim in water since it has waterproof fur.

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