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Turkish passport .. Your full guide 2022

The Turkish passport has many features that make it one of the most important passports in the world. There are also several types of Turkish passports, each with different features, and different extraction conditions from one type to another .

Many people are interested in the Turkish passport, and there are many concerns regarding its strength in comparison to the rest of the world’s passports, the benefits that this passport provides to its possessor, as well as the process and circumstances for acquiring a Turkish passport. This article will address all of your questions concerning the Turkish passport, its characteristics, and how to acquire one.

Turkish passport

The advantages and strength of the Turkish passport 2022

Many individuals aspire to become Turkish citizens in order to benefit from the benefits of the Turkish passport, the most significant of which is the ease with which they may travel between countries. This post will explain all of the benefits of the Turkish passport for 2022.

Turkish passport strength

According to the Passport Ranking Index, the Turkish passport is placed 20th in the world for the year 2022 on the list of the most powerful passports. According to the index, Turkish passport holders may travel to 77 countries without a previous entrance visa, to more than 8 countries with an electronic visa, and to 44 countries via an entry visa upon arrival.

According to statistics from the Turkish economy and Turkish politics, the value of the Turkish passport is likely to rise in the next years. The Turkish passport’s worldwide ranking in 2022.

Turkey has four different kinds of passports. Each passport has its own set of conditions that the individual seeking for it must meet. Turkish passport validity is 2022. 2022 Turkish passport ranking

Advantages of the Turkish passport 2022

The following is a summary of the most essential aspects of the Turkish passport, which make it a popular choice for many Arabs:

  1. The Turkish passport holder enjoys the full rights of Turkish citizenship.
  2. It is possible to obtain a long-term passport that does not need to be renewed only once every 10 years.
  3. It allows for dual citizenship so you don’t have to give up your original citizenship.
  4. It is considered one of the highest rated passports in the world, ranked 20th in the world.
  5. It provides the possibility to travel to more than 77 countries without a visa and facilitates entry into the Schengen area.

Turkish passport types 2022

There are four kinds of passports in Turkey, according to Article 12 of the Passport Law No. 5682, which is submitted on behalf of the Republic of Turkey. Your tour team in Turkey has translated and compiled a full explanation of the many kinds of Turkish passports and the requirements for acquiring one, based on information from the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ official website. Learn about the several kinds of Turkish passports, as well as the strength and cost of the Turkish passport 2022.

General Turkish passport (red)

It is the general passport in red, and Turkish nationals as well as citizens of the Republic of Northern Cyprus may get it, with no specific qualifications or criteria.

Service Passport (Grey Passport)

They are service-stamped passports; the service passport has 30 pages, according to Article 14-b of the Passport Law. The Republic of Turkey issues gray-colored service passports to personnel who are transported outside the nation to execute a specific assignment.

Diplomatic passport (Turkish black passport)

Diplomatic passports are 28 pages long and have a black outer cover. According to Article 13 of the Passport Law, diplomatic passports are given to people who go on business or temporary travel for a single trip or for a maximum term of two years, and those who embark on a permanent assignment for the time indicated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Presidents and members of the Turkish National Assemblies, Presidents and members of the Supreme Constitutional Court, Chiefs of the First and Second General Staff, Ministers, Governors, Generals, Mayors of Major Cities, and all those holding high positions in state institutions are all eligible for the Turkish diplomatic passport.

Diplomatic passports may be awarded to spouses of those who have titles or functions that qualify them for diplomatic passports. The diplomatic passport is no longer valid when the service time has ended, i.e. retired people.

Special Passport (Turkish green passport)

Specially stamped passports in accordance with Article 14-a of the Passport Law . Spouses of people with titles or activities that qualify them for diplomatic passports may be granted diplomatic passports. When a person’s service tenure is over, i.e. when they retire, their diplomatic passport is no longer valid.

turkish green passport

Turkish passport cost 2022

The cost of acquiring the Turkish passport 2021, while extracting the Turkish passport 2021, the individual must pay a set charge of 174 Turkish lira, in addition to variable costs based on the number of years of validity of the passport. Thus, the cost and fees of acquiring a Turkish passport in 2021 will be as follows:

  • Turkish passport fees for 2022 with a validity period of six months are: 407 Turkish liras.
  • Turkish passport fees for 2022 with a one-year validity period are: 512 TL.
  • Turkish passport fees for 2022 with a validity period of two years are: 722 Turkish liras.
  • Turkish passport fees for 2022 with a three-year validity period are: 950 TL.
  • Turkish passport fees for 2022 with a validity period of four years and above are: 1265 Turkish liras.

It should be noted that the prices given in the list are for the Turkish passport with fees, where the passport book costs just 180 Turkish lira and fees are applied as stated above. Turkish passport cost in 2021.

Procedures for obtaining a Turkish passport 2022

To obtain a Turkish passport, you must follow the following steps:

  1. Make an appointment with Souls in Turkey, either via the Internet via the link to book an appointment with Nüfüs through the website ​​or by calling 199.
  2. Go to a Turkish Post (PTT) center and pay the cost of issuing the passport and keep the payment receipt.
  3. Go at the time allotted to you to the Turkish Soul Department and submit the following documents:
  4. Two (2) biometric personal pictures, together with the payment receipt and ID and a duplicate of it, a document verifying your address, an old passport, if available, and the current form to be filled out.
  5. The Turkish passport is issued 5 to 7 days after the appointment, and the state sends the new passport to the address mentioned in the soul paper.

Where can I pay Turkish passport fees

Turkish passport fees may be paid at one of the following banks; however, the payment receipt must be maintained and shown at the time of passport issuing. Among these banks are:

How to get a Turkish passport 2022

You can obtain Turkish citizenship and Turkish passport 2022 through several ways; You can choose the method that suits your circumstances 

  • Buying a property in Turkey worth 250 thousand dollars according to the amendment of the new citizenship decisions, after it was necessary to buy a property worth one million dollars in previous decisions.
  • This amendment encouraged many to buy real estate for the purpose of obtaining Turkish citizenship, which led to the revitalization of the real estate market in Turkey.
  • When investing in Turkey with an amount of more than 500 thousand US dollars, or depositing the same amount in a Turkish bank without spending from it for 3 years, or in the case of purchasing government bonds of approximately the same amount.
  • If you prove that you have Turkish assets with documents 
  • Or in the case of marrying a Turkish citizen, and you obtain Turkish citizenship after 3 years of marriage, and during the period of your marriage and until you obtain Turkish citizenship, you will obtain a family residence.
  • There are other cases of exceptional nationality.

Countries that a Turkish passport holder can enter 2022

Turkish passport enters how many countries without a visa? The countries that the Turkish passport enters without visa 2022, the Turkish passport holder can enter 77 countries around the world without the condition of obtaining a prior visa, which are:

Malaysia – Mauritius – Micronesia – Moldova – Montenegro – Nicaragua – Panama – Paraguay – Peru – Philippines – Saint Kitts and Nevis – Saint Louis – Sao Tome and Principe – Qatar – Tunisia – Iraq – Georgia Guatemala – Haiti – Honduras – Hong Kong – Indonesia – Iran – Jamaica – Japan – Kazakhstan – Kosovo – Kyrgyzstan – Macau – Macdonia – Senegal – Serbia – Libya – Morocco – Sultanate of Oman – Palestine – Jordan – Albania – Antigora and Barbuda – Argentina – Bahamas – Barbados – Belarus – Russia – Belize – Bolivia – Bosnia and Herzegovina – Ukraine – Uruguay – Vanuatu – Venezuela – Botswana – Brazil – Brunei – Chile – Colombia – Costa Rica – Dominican – Ecuador – El Salvador – Fiji – Gambia – Singapore – South Africa – South Korea – Saint Vincent and Grenada – Swaziland – Trinada. 

What are the countries that allow the holder of a Turkish passport to obtain a visa upon arrival?

Azerbaijan – Cambodia – Cape Verde – Kuwait – Mozambique – Mauritania – Seychelles – Suriname – Taiwan – Nepal – Palau – Samoa – Bahrain – Lebanon – Sudan – Comoros – Armenia – Ivory Coast – Djibouti – Dominica – Guinea – Bissau – Madagascar – Islands Maldives – Marshall Islands – Tanzania – Uganda – Zambia – Zimbabwe – East Timor – Togo – Tonga – Tuvalu.
Among the most important countries that do not need a visa from Turkey: Iraq, Jordan, Palestine, Qatar, Libya, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia, Oman, Argentina, Brazil, Japan, Russia, Singapore, South Africa.
The most important countries that grant a visa upon arrival are:  Kuwait, Bahrain, Indonesia, and the Maldives. The most important countries that grant an electronic visa via the Internet to Turkish passport holders:  Mexico, Sri Lanka, Australia.

What is the ranking of the Turkish passport globally?

 The  Turkish passport ranked 50th among  the list of the most powerful passports in the world.

Does the Turkish passport enter Qatar?

Yes, a Turkish passport holder can enter Qatar without a visa.

Does the Turkish passport enter Dubai?

Yes, a Turkish passport holder can enter Dubai without a visa.

How much does it cost to obtain a Turkish passport?

Turkish passport fees for 2021 with a validity period of six months are: 407 Turkish liras. 
Turkish passport fees for 2021 with a one-year validity period are: 512 TL. 
Turkish passport fees for 2021 with a validity period of two years are: 722 Turkish liras. 
Turkish passport fees for 2021 with a three-year validity period are: 950 TL. 
Turkish passport fees for 2021 with a validity period of four years and above are: 1265 Turkish liras

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