Turkish airlines cargo

Turkish airlines cargo

Turkish airlines cargo shipping Company is one of the most important shipping companies in Turkey, as it offers a variety of services.

Turkish airlines Shipping Company provides services to 127 countries as it is the fastest growing brand in air freight worldwide.

Turkish airlines cargo

What is Turkish airlines cargo?

Turkish airlines cargo has carried out air cargo transfers for Turkish Airlines, since 1933.

According to the combined statistics collected by World Air Cargo Figures in dec 2019, the Turkish cargo firm reached a rate of growth of 7.1 per cent, whereas the air freight sector declined by 4.4 per cent, growing to seventh in the international air freight industry.

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Turkish cargo  fly the Turkish Airlines fleet, the parent company, featuring 359 planes (passenger and freight aircraft) which offer air transportation to even more than 322 hubs, featuring 90 direct cargo destinations.

 Turkish Airlines Shipping

In order to make Istanbul a gateway for air freight traffic and a logistics centre for the country, Turkish Airlines plans to fly direct flights to 120 destinations by 2023.

Turkey is planning to become a new world reference point with the completion of the Mega Istanbul Airport, which will include the Turkish Cargo SmartIST center with a closed area of 300,000 square meters and an overall processing capability of 4 million tons of goods.

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While continuing to grow and becoming one of the major air cargo firms thanks to its assets, operational ability, fleet and highly qualified workforce, Turkish Airlines aims to be among the top five global air freight brands in line with the 2023 goal.

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