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Is Trendyol A Good Brand? A Full Review 2023

Trendyol is one of the most popular fashion brands in Turkey and has become increasingly popular in other countries as well. But is Trendyol a good brand?

In this blog post, we review the company’s products and customer service to see if it really lives up to its hype. Read on for our full review of Trendyol in 2023.

Is Trendyol A Good Brand


Trendyol, is one of the most successful e-commerce startups in the world. Trendyol was started in Istanbul, Turkey, and has quickly become a top e-commerce platform with more than 12 million members.

At Trendyol, customers get the best shopping experience with technology. The brand offers quality products and services at competitive prices. Customers can also enjoy fast shipping and convenient payment options on the platform.

As a result, it has become a popular destination for online shoppers looking for reliable and trusted brands. So if you’re looking for a great online shopping experience, then give Trendyol a try!

Overview of Trendyol Brand

Trendyol is one of the most popular Turkish fashion brands. It was started in 2010, and since then it has been run by the Trendyol Group.

The company is headquartered in Istanbul and has quickly become a leader in e-commerce fashion, offering a wide selection of clothing, footwear, and accessories at affordable prices.

The designs of Trendyol clothes set them apart from other brands, and customers often rave about their quality. Trendyol has made a name for itself in the fashion industry, with customers praising its stylish designs and excellent customer service.

What Makes Trendyol Different?

Trendyol stands out from other brands on the market with its unique and beautiful designs. Founded in 2010, Trendyol initially promoted other labels’ designs before introducing their own.

With their forward-thinking approach and commitment to fashion, Trendyol has become a popular choice for many shoppers. Their attention to detail when it comes to design and quality makes them a great option for those looking for something different.

Is Trendyol A Good Brand

The Quality of Trendyol Products

The quality of Trendyol’s products is highly rated by customers. Many reviews have mentioned that the clothes are made from high-quality materials and last a long time.

They have also praised the unique designs that make them stand out from other brands. Furthermore, there are many ratings and reviews from customers who have had positive experiences with the brand, which further reinforces the opinion that the quality of Trendyol products is excellent.

Positive and Negative Reviews of Trendyol

Many customers have left reviews of their experiences with Trendyol, and the reviews are generally positive. Overall, the company has a rating of 4.5 stars, which means that most customers are happy with what they buy.

Customers appreciate the wide variety of products that Trendyol offers, as well as the quality and affordability of their products. Additionally, customers have noted that they had positive customer service experiences when dealing with Trendyol.

Of course, there are some negative reviews as well; some customers have reported that they received items that were not as described or had missing parts. However, these experiences seem to be relatively few compared to all the positive reviews that Trendyol has received.

Trendyol’s Popularity in the Market

Trendyol is one of the most popular e-commerce sites in Turkey, and it is quickly growing in popularity in Europe.

According to December 2022 data, Trendyol is ranked #1 in the eCommerce & Shopping > Marketplace category and #176 Globally.

The company has also secured agreements to raise $1.5 billion from a variety of investors, including Chinese internet giant Alibaba.

This significant investment speaks to the brand’s popularity and growing influence in the industry. Moreover, Trendyol’s commitment to making fashion accessible and affordable for all in Turkey has been extremely well received by their fashion-forward customers, further demonstrating its widespread popularity.


The Benefits of Shopping With Trendyol

Shopping with Trendyol offers a variety of benefits for customers. The website has an accurate search engine and offers free shipping on orders over a certain amount.

Plus, Trendyol has an Elite program with exclusive discounts and rewards that can help you save even more.

Additionally, they offer high-quality products from world-renowned brands at affordable prices. This means you can stay up to date with the latest fashion trends without breaking the bank. Plus, customers are often delighted by the level of customer service they receive from Trendyol, making their online shopping experience all the more enjoyable.

Is Trendyol fast fashion?

Trendyol is a fast-fashion e-commerce platform that has been operating in Turkey since 2010. It is quickly becoming one of the leading online fashion hubs in the country, offering a wide variety of clothing, accessories and other products.

Trendyol’s ambition is to provide sustainable products and they are now officially the first decacorn in Turkey.

With their fast-fashion concept, Trendyol provides customers with trendy items at discounted prices hence it’s considered a fast fashion brand.

What is Trendyol brand origin?

Trendyol is an e-commerce platform founded in 2010 by Demet Mutlu, a former consultant and Harvard Business School graduate. The company, headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey, has grown to become the largest e-commerce company in the country.

Trendyol brand is originally from Turkey, but then it was bought by Alibaba Turkey.

It operates under the Trendyol Group structure and sells mainly clothing and fashion accessories made in Turkey.

Through its platform, Trendyol provides customers with an easy and convenient shopping experience. Customers can purchase items from a wide variety of products at competitive prices.

Trendyol also offers vendors an efficient way to sell their products and services to customers. With its innovative technology and customer-centric approach, Trendyol continues to be a leading player in the online retail space.


In conclusion, Trendyol is a well-established and reputable online marketplace in Turkey. It has a wide range of good products at reasonable prices and puts a lot of effort into customer service. Because Turkish shoppers have had good experiences with the brand, the platform has become very popular among them.

Many customers appreciate their fast delivery and extensive range of products, as well as the convenience of shopping online. With its growing presence in Europe and beyond, Trendyol provides an excellent option for customers looking for a reliable online shopping experience.