Investment Office of the Presidency Turkey

The Investment Office of the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey is one of the most important organizations in Turkey that helps exploit investment opportunities in Turkey for investors.

The Investment Office reports directly to the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey, and provides many opportunities to promote economic development and facilitate full investment operations.

Investment Office of the Presidency of the Turkish Republic

About the Investment Office of the Presidency of the Turkish Republic

The Presidency Investment Office in Turkey supports investors before, during and after entering Turkey, as the office submits its reports directly to the President of the Republic.

The office facilitates and follows up investment operations in all fields in Turkey, as it works with a network of consultants, which ensures that the investor gets the ideal result from investments in Turkey.

Services provided by the Presidential Investment Office

The office provides many and varied services, namely:

Dedicated consulting

The investment office advisory services provide investors with general and specific commercial information, the most important of which is providing updates and guidance on the latest laws and regulations regarding foreign direct investment, and establishing a company in Turkey.

The office also provides data on the sector in which the investor would like to invest in and the Turkish economy as a whole, incentives offered by the state, operational costs, and taxes, in addition to detailed industry analysis and market reports in various sectors in an effort to help global investors fully discover the potential of the Turkish market. .

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Coordination with stakeholders

One of the basic services that the office provides to newcomers and current investors in Turkey is the service of coordinating relations with government agencies, local authorities, business associations and other stakeholders such as universities, service providers and NGOs.

The Investment Office of the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey acts as a bridge between the government, the private sector and investors. In order to provide a smooth entry into Turkey, the Investment Office assists with initial preliminary contacts and meetings with potential suppliers, clients and service providers based on the needs of the investment project and the relevant investors.

Facilitating business

The business facilitation program offered by the Investment Office includes informing clients of bureaucratic structures, policies and all levels of investment operations.

This assistance covers the development of activities, applications for work and residence permits, requests for bonuses, procedures for determining environmental impacts and other related responsibilities.

Supporting project site selection

All operations related to investment in Turkey, including searching for available sites for project establishment and conducting land studies with information about procurement, power supply, natural gas, water supply and other facilities, are handled by the investment office selection team.

The assistance is not limited to selecting a project site only, but also includes making field visits with developers, tracking infrastructure works, managing land development, and collecting all relevant site data and information regarding feasibility.

Coordination of delegation visits upon request

Logistical assistance for visiting corporate delegations to Turkey is provided by the investment office. In addition to arranging meetings with the corporate community and authorities, the investment agency’s staff coordinates the entire trip for investors to be able to rest during their stay.

The investment office assists clients in locating suitable accommodation and provides airport shuttle service to hotels and meeting rooms.

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Launching projects

Facilities for project launch plans are provided to developers who decide to invest in Turkey through the investment office. These services include creating and publishing press releases.

The office also assists with organizing opening ceremonies and other associated public relations events for initiating investments.

Help develop partnership

The Investment Office works to coordinate cooperation between foreign and local companies, which brings great benefit to all parties when it comes to international investment.

The Investment Office of the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey helps identify suitable investors for joint ventures and mergers and acquisitions projects in Turkey for both foreign and Turkish companies.

Ongoing support

After the project is launched, the investment office continues to support investors. In order to ensure that every step within the project cycle is running smoothly.

The office communicates periodically with investors. Once clients have financial concerns, the Investment Office offers a wide range of unique aftercare programs such as facilitation between governments and investors, expansion advisory, conferences and surveys on developments in the investment climate.

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Branches of the investment office in Turkey abroad

The Investment Office of the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey operates on a global scale, with the office’s network extending in the countries of Germany, Italy, Japan, Qatar, the United States of America, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom and China.

The office provides a wide team of professionals to assist foreign investors in all varied languages, including Arabic, English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Chinese.

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Communication with the Investment Office of the Presidency of the Turkish Republic

You can contact the investment office by clicking here and filling out the contact form in English.

It is also possible to visit or contact a branch of the office in Istanbul with the following data:

Office:  Muallim Naci Caddesi
No: 73 Ortaköy
Besiktas / ISTANBUL 34347 Phone:  (+90 212) 468 69 00 Fax:  (+90 212) 468 69 69

It is also possible to contact the head office in Ankara through the following data:

Head Office:  Cumhurbaşkanlığı Çankaya Köşkü Yerleşkesi
Ziaur Rahman Caddesi
No: 5 Çankaya / ANKARA 06700 Phone:  (+90 312) 413 89 00 Fax:  (+90 312) 413 89 01