International schools in Turkey

International Schools in Turkey: A Full Guide 2023

International schools in Turkey are a great choice for students who want to study international curriculum while living in Turkey.

So you’re thinking about sending your child to an international school in Turkey? Well, there are many! Istanbul is the most popular destination for these schools. You can find them in Ankara or Antalya as well – this blog post will help you learn more about what options might be available for which best suits your needs.

International schools

About International schools in Turkey

International schools in Turkey provide higher quality education in smaller classrooms compared to standard classrooms.

These schools ensure that students receive a quality education by keeping student motivation at the highest level with extracurricular activities plus teaching foreign language.

International schools in Turkey teaches all levels, starting from kindergarten to primary school, middle school and high school, the class sizes in an international school in general is less than public and private school.

The education system and curriculum offered at international schools in Turkey varies between:

  • International Baccalaureate
  • Edexcel (Cambridge International Examination)
  • American Diploma
  • Italian diploma
  • Abitur
  • Canadian High School Diploma
  • İraqi diploma
  • Libyan diploma
  • Yemeni diploma
  • Sudanese diploma
  • Lebanese diploma

Some of the top government and İmam hatip schools in Turkey offers İGCSE education for bright students with low tuition fees.

İGCSE Program includes the student in the program process by submitting petition to the school administration board.

Students who will participate in the program are selected according to their IGCSE placement scores and selected from those who have the right to register.

Students who are not selected continue with the Turkish national curriculum.

Students in the IGCSE program are required to attend summer schools, 9th grade classes and courses organized by the school.

For students accepted to the IGCSE program, the parents will pay 1,000 Euros as the program fee. Books and exam fees are not included in this fee.

The deadline of the the application for İGCSE program in Government school in Turkey is usually in the middle of June.

Who can study in International schools in Turkey?

Only foreign citizens and international students can study in international schools in Turkey, it’s strictly prohibited for Turkish citizens or dual citizens to enroll in international schools in Turkey.

Turkish citizens can study The international curriculum in government and imam hatip schools.

According to the Law on Private Education Institutions numbered 5580, only foreign children can study in these schools, which were opened by the decision of the Council of Ministers.

Dual citizens cannot study in these schools if one of their citizenships is Turkish citizenship.

For example, the child of an American father and a Turkish mother cannot be a student in international schools according to the law. Both parents must not have Turkish citizenship.

TED Bursa College  international schools in bursa turkey
TED Bursa College international schools in bursa turkey

International schools accreditations in Turkey

Accreditation is very important when choosing a school. Two of the international accreditations are widely used in Turkey.

International Baccalaureate (IB) Accreditation

International Baccalaureate (IB) in Turkey is built on a specific model of education and training. The aims of the program are:

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