Honda Turkey .. Car prices and after sales services

Honda Turkey is one of the most well known car and motorcycles brands in The country, with a lot of different car models the company offers a great value for your future car.

A Honda Turkey car is known for its well-built and reliable cars with a good after sale and on-road services.

Honda Turkey

Price list for Honda Turkey cars

Honda civic price in turkey

Honda Civic Sedan 1.5 EleganceAutomaticGasoline297.000
Honda Civic Sedan 1.5 Excusitive +AutomaticGasoline316.500
Honda Civic Sedan 1.6 EleganceAutomaticGasoline231.200
Honda Civic Sedan 1.6 Elegance EcoAutomaticLPG282.800
Honda Civic Sedan 1.6 Excusitive EcoAutomaticLPG296.600
Honda civic turkey

Honda Civic Hatchback price in Turkey

Honda Civic HB 1.5L SportAutomaticGasoline305.500
Honda Civic HB 1.5L Sport +AutomaticGasoline331.000
Honda Civic HB 1.5L Sport + Safety PackageAutomaticGasoline337.500
Honda Civic HB 1.5L Sport + Safety PackageManuelGasoline313.800
honda civic price in turkey

Honda Civic Type-R price in Turkey

Honda Civic Type R GTStraightGasoline662.500
 Honda Civic Type-R price in Turkey

Honda CR-V Turkey

New CR-V 1.5 L EleganceAutomaticGasoline425.200
The new CR-V 1.5 L ExcusitiveAutomaticGasoline457.200
The new CR-V 1.5 L Excusitive +AutomaticGasoline492.400
New CR-V 2.0 Li-MMD Hybrid ExecutiveAutomaticHybrid777.300
New CR-V 1.5 L Excusitive LifestyleAutomaticGasoline437.500
Honda CR V Turkey price

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Honda HR-V price in Turkey

New HR-V 1.5L ExecutiveAutomaticGasoline356.900
New HR-V 1.5L SportAutomaticGasoline371.500
Honda Turkey HR-V

Honda cars in Turkey Test drive

You can test drive Honda cars in Turkey by clicking here and choosing the model of the car you would like to test.

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Then you have to fill the application and follow the instructions.

After sales service for Honda Turkey

The following After sales services are offered by Honda in Turkey:

Active Roadside Assistance

Honda provides service for all members of the Honda family 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. One of the most important of these is Honda Active Roadside Assistance Service.

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It is always possible that you will encounter unpredictable surprises during the journey. Whether you’re in such a case anywhere in Turkey, Honda Roadside Assistance can help.

Are you looking to buy used car in Turkey? you can check our comprehensive guide that takes you through the full process of buying a second hand car in Turkey

You can call Honda Active Emergency Roadside Assistance Call Center at any time on 0850 733 55 05. The cost of this call is covered by Honda. Moreover.

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Periodic maintenance

Honda has determined periods as 10,000 kilometers or 12 months in order for your car to provide maximum efficiency and to be used safely for many years.

Honda authorized services follow new technological developments, are maintained by Honda-trained experts, and you will be able to use your Honda safely until the next maintenance time.

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You can learn more about the nearest Honda service in Turkey by clicking here, You can also book an appointment for the periodic maintenance by clicking here.

Extended Warranty

Owners of new Honda cars by Honda are offered a free and extended conditional repair benefit for a maximum of 6 years from the date of the car’s first sale, or up to 150,000 kilometers, after the 3-year or 100,000-kilometer warranty period offered under the terms specified in the warranty booklet.

The warranty period ends when one of the time or mileage limits is expired for both 3 years or 100,000 kilometres and 6 years or 150,000 kilometres. The 6-Year Warranty becomes valid if it is signed and approved by the vehicle owner during the purchase of new cars from Honda Authorized Dealers.