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GAP Turkey Clothes: Everything you need to know 2023

Gap Turkey is a well-known clothes brand that has been around for long time.

GAP clothes have been worn by many people, from celebrities to regular people, in this article, we will talk about how to buy from GAP in Turkey online, How to find a Turkish GAP store and alot more!

GAP Turkey

About GAP Turkey

GAP, the brand that Turkish consumers waited for so long has opened it’s first store in Turkey in 2007

The GAP clothes brand, founded in 1969 by the couple Doris and Don Fisher in San Francisco to offer a wide range of products for everyone, is a phenomenon in itself today. There are more than 4000 Gap stores worldwide!

GAP designs lots of products for everyone, from kids to adults, from GAP clothing for men, GAP jeans, and GAP T-shirts.

The clothes collection of GAP in Turkey is a balanced combination of the best global products of North America and the design products of Europe, with some exclusive designs for the Turkish market.

How to find a GAP Turkey store?

GAP clothing shops can be found in the Turkish cities of Adana, Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, Muğla, Bursa and İzmir

On the Shop Search page, you can use the store finder to discover the closest GAP store in Turkey.

GAP Turkey size table

GAP Turkey provides a table of different sizes for women, men and children by measuring the sizes in centimeters and comparing them with the sizes of letters.

GAP size guide comes as follows:

GAP Turkey sizes for women

 Upper body

Neck (cm)3233343536373839
Chest width (cm)8286909498104110116
Waist (cm)6468727680869298

Lower body

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