Prices of Fiat Cars in Turkey

Fiat cars in Turkey are undoubtedly one of the most sold cars in the Turkish market, since it offers a lot of different prices for everyone.

Fiat cars are produced in Tofaş factories in Turkey most models are produced locally which helps for the costs of the Fiat cars to be less than most other car brands in The country.

fiat in turkey

Price list for Fiat cars in Turkey 2020

Fiat EGEA SEDAN price in Turkey 2020

Model Price
Easy 1.4 Fire 95 HP113.900 TL
Easy 1.3 M.Jet 95 HP144.900 TL
Easy 1.6 M.Jet 120 HP DCT197.900 TL
Urban Plus 1.4 Fire 95 HP130.900 TL
Urban Plus 1.3 M.Jet 95 HP163.900 TL
Urban Plus 1.6 M.Jet 120 HP200.900 TL
Urban Plus 1.6 M.Jet 120 HP DCT200.900 TL
Mırror 1.4 Fire 95 HP134.900 TL
Mirror 1.3 M.Jet 95 HP167.900 TL
Mirror 1.6 M.Jet 120 HP204.900 TL
Mirror 1.6 M.Jet 120 HP DCT204.900 TL
Lounge Plus 1.6 M.Jet 120 HP208.900 TL
Lounge Plus 1.6 M.Jet 120 HP DCT208.900 TL

ExtrasPriceEasyUrban PlusMirrorLounge Plus
Style Pack8.000 TLO
Metallic Paint1.500 TLOOOO
Special Color (Passion Red, Sport Gray)1.500 TLOOO
 EGEA SEDAN Fiat cars in Turkey

Fiat EGEA HATCHBACK price in Turkey 2020

Street 1.4 Fire 95 HP133.900 TL
Street 1.3 M.Jet 95 HP167.900 TL
Street 1.6 M.Jet 120 HP DCT198.900 TL
Urban Plus 1.4 Fire 95 HP138.900 TL
Urban Plus 1.3 M.Jet 95 HP171.900 TL
Urban Plus 1.6 M.Jet 120 HP DCT203.900 TL
Mırror 1.4 Fire 95 HP142.900 TL
Mırror 1.3 M.Jet 95 HP175.900 TL
Mırror 1.6 M.Jet 120 HP DCT207.900 TL
S-Design 1.6 M.Jet 120 HP DCT211.900 TL
Sport 1.6 M.Jet 120 HP DCT223.900 TL
ExtraPriceStreetUrban PlusMirrorS-DesignSport
Metallic Paint1.500 TLOOOOO
Matte Paint6.000 TLOO
Double Color3.000 TLOO
Special Color (Passion Red, Sport Gray)1.500 TLOOOO
 Fiat EGEA HATCHBACK price in Turkey

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Price of Fiat EGEA STATION WAGON in Turkey 2020

Street 1.3 M.Jet 95 HP172.900 TL
Urban Plus 1.6 M.Jet 120 HP DCT208.900 TL
Mırror 1.6 M.Jet 120 HP DCT212.900 TL
S-Design 1.6 M.Jet 120 HP DCT216.900 TL

ExtrasPriceStreetUrban PlusMirrorS-Design
Metallic Paint1.500 TLOOO
Matte Paint6.000 TLO
Double Color3.000 TLO
Special Color (Passion Red, Sport Gray)1.500 TLOOO
EGEA STATION WAGON Fiat prices in Turkey

FIORINO PANORAMA 2020 Fiat in Turkey

Pop 1.3 M.Jet 95HP155.900 TL
Premio 1.3 M.Jet 95HP170.900 TL

Metallic paint1.500 TLOO
 FIORINO PANORAMA car price in Turkey

DOBLO PANORAMA Fiat Turkey 2020

Easy 1.6 M.Jet 120 HP191.900 TL
Lounge 1.6 M.Jet 120HP (5 seats)200.900 TL
Lounge 1.6 M.Jet 120HP (7 seats)205.900 TL
ExtrasPriceEasyLounge(5 seats)Lounge(7 seats)
Metallic Paint1.500 TLOOO
Functional Package (Rear parking sensor, roof rack)2.250 TLO
Technology Package (5 ” Touch Screen, Rear View Camera, Rain Sensor, Rear Seat USB Input, Ecodrive)3.350 TLOO
7 Seat Pack (7 seats, large brake disc, opening 3rd row glass)5.000 TLOS
High Roof Package (high roof, double-wing glass rear door, reinforced suspension)7.500 TLO
DOBLO PANORAMA Fiat cars in Turkey

Fiat PANDA price 2020 in Turkey

Urban 1.2 69 HP122.900 TL
Cross 1.2 69 HP135.400 TL
Cross 4×4 0.9 85 HP174.900 TL

ExtrasPriceUrbanCrossCross 4×4
Metallic Paint1.500 TLOOO
PLUS PACKAGE (Rear Parking Sensor, Bluetooth, Steering Wheel Control Keys, Leather Steering Wheel, Height Adjustable Driver’s Seat)5.000 TLO
CROSS PLUS PACKAGE (Chrome Look Front & Rear Cross Bumper, Side Door Streamer, Roof Rail, Red Tow Rings, 15 ” Alloy Wheel, Special Brown Interior Trim)7.000 TLO
Fiat Panda 2020 Car in Turkey

FIAT 500 2020 Price in Turkey

500 Popstar 1.2 Fire 69HP MTA160.900 TL
500 Lounge 1.2 Fire 69 HP MTA170.900 TL
500 Star 1.2 Fire 69HP MTA180.900 TL
500 Rockstar 1.2 Fire 69HP MTA180.900 TL
500C Lounge 1.2 Fire 69HP MTA190.900 TL
500C Star 1.2 Fire 69HP MTA200.900 TL

Leather Seats11.500 TLOO
Skydome(LOUNGE)10.000 TLO
Alternative 16 ” wheels3.000 TLOO
Lounge Kit2.000 TLO
Metallic / Special Pastel Colors2.500 TLOOOO
3 Layers Color (227 Ice white)4.500 TLOOOO
Portofino Green Color10.000 TLO
Fiat 500 car in Turkey

FIAT 500L 2020 Car price in Turkey

500L Mirror 1.4 Fire 95 HP MT172.900 TL
500L Mirror 1.3 M.Jet 95 HP MTA214.900 TL
500L Cross Plus 1.4 Fire 95 HP MT182.900 TL
500L Cross Plus 1.3 M.Jet 95 HP MTA224.900 TL
500L Wagon 1.3 M.Jet 95 HP MTA279.900 TL

ExtraPriceMirrorCross PlusWagon
STYLE PACK (17 ” Alloy Wheel (415), Body Color Plate Area, Body Color Door Top Ornament Strips, Tinted Rear Windows, Ambient Lighting)3.500 TLO
16 “ALLOY WHEEL (8CE)3.500 TLO
3.500 TLO
Fiat car 500 l price in Turkey

Price of 500X Fiat cars in Turkey 2020

500X Urban 1.0 FireFly 120 HP MT209.900 TL
500X City Cross 1.6 M.Jet 120 HP DCT290.900 TL
500X Cross 1.3 FireFly 150 HP DCT295.900 Tl
500X Cross 1.6 M.Jet 120 HP DCT305.900 TL
500X Cross Plus 1.6 M.Jet 120 HP DCT325.900 TL
500X Sport 1.3 FireFly 150 HP DCT320.900 TL

18 “ALLOY WHEEL (56J)4.500 TLOO
19 “ALLOY WHEEL (6Y8)4.500 TLO
METALLIC COLOR / Special Pastel Color (Sport Red)3.500 TLOOOOO
Price of 500X Fiat cars in Turkey 2020

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Fiat cars in Turkey Test drive

You can test drive any Fiat car in Turkey by clicking here and choose which model do you want to test drive, then you add your name, surname and contact information.

The form for test driving is in Turkish, and you need to choose the city and the seller (Bayi) which you will test drive the car you choosed earlier.

After-sales service for Fiat Turkey cars

Fiat offers a good variety of After sales services in Turkey that covers a lot of emergencies on the road and protection.

Fast car service:

This service offers car fixing in Turkey in maximum 1 hour for the following problems: Oil maintenance, Battery change, Headlight adjustment,Front brake pads, Wiper broom Particle Filter (DPF) cleaning and Air conditioning gas check / filling.

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Emergency Roadside Assistance:

Wherever you are, Fiat roadside assistance can help you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. When you encounter any problem with your vehicle, all you have to do is call the FIAT Customer Care Center at 444 22 55 and inform the operator of your location.

Are you looking to buy used car in Turkey? you can check our comprehensive guide that takes you through the full process of buying a second hand car in Turkey

Replacement car:

Fiat offer free spare vehicle service to the customers who cannot receive their vehicles on the same day at Fiat Authorized Services centers.

Fiat Insurance:

The FIAT Insurance Policy, which is specially prepared for FIAT brand vehicles, guarantees the damage to your vehicle against all kinds of risks and all damage to your vehicle is repaired with the assurance of FIAT authorized service center.

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Damage Support Service:

In case of an accident, whether you have insurance or not, you can have your vehicle taken to FIAT authorized services free of charge by calling 444 22 55 Fiat Customer Care Center, and you can get support for the steps you need to follow regarding the accident report and insurance transactions.


With LPG conversion, you can apply to a FIAT authorized service center for a more economical, environmentally friendly and safe driving pleasure.

Fuel Assurance System:

If you constantly buy your fuel from OPET stations in Turkey, repair costs will not be reflected on you against the damages that may arise from fuel. The fuel assurance system is provided during the warranty period of the vehicle.