A report about the Eskisehir transportation system

Eskisehir transportation consists of trams that cover most parts of the city, buses, in addition to the “dolmosh” minibuses and ferryboats.

Eskisehir transportation network connects the inner city with each other, so it is easy to move to all the city’s neighborhoods and famous attractions.

Eskişehir domestic tramway

Eskisehir transportation card

To move around the city of Eskişehir and to use transportation within the city, you must purchase a prepaid ticket or smart transportation card.

You can buy the card from kiosks and outlets, which are colored green and next to some tram stations, and you can also buy from supermarkets that have a circular sign bearing the Eskart sign on the outside.

The transportation card is shipped exclusively in the markets that support freight, in addition to the green kiosks located next to the tram stations.

Eskisehir Tram

Transportation prices in Eskisehir

Transportation card price

There is a basic cost for purchasing the card for the first time, ranging between 5-10 TL.

The card deducts 2.5 TL per person per trip.

The municipality provides a discount for the student, as the card deducts for any single trip for any means of transportation in the city an amount of 1.6 TL.

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In case of switching from tram to bus or vice versa in a short time, the card deducts 35 piasters only.

The price of transportation ticket for Eskişehir

The ticket price for an adult is 3.5 Turkish liras, while the ticket price for the student is 3.25 Turkish liras.

Ticket price for the minibus “dolmus”

A dolmuş ticket costs 3 liras.

The price of the river cruise ticket in Eskişehir

The price of the river boat ticket in Eskişehir for transportation is 9 Turkish liras, while the price of the gondola ticket in Eskisehir is 45 liras for the tourist trip.

River ship in Eskişehir

Eskisehir Tram

The Eskisehir Tram is the most popular means of transportation within the city, as there are 7 lines covering Eskişehir.

Otogar line – SSK

The line starts from the Autogar “bus station” and ends by arriving at the CCK, the station where Yunus Emre Hospital is located .

Osman Ghazi – SSK line
Otogar line – Osman Ghazi
Osman Ghazi – Chankya line
SSK – Chamilja line

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SSK Line – bati Kent
Opera Line – Sehir Hasatne “City Hospital”
City Hospital Line – SSK
City Hospital line – Osman Ghazi
Eskisehir  buses

Eskişehir internal buses

You can move by bus in Eskişehir in most parts of the city, and you can go to the official municipality website from here , and choose the bus number that you want to search for, and the line and timing of this bus will appear.

Taxis in Eskişehir

You can take a taxi in Eskişehir by calling one of the following numbers:

Sherine Taxi: 02223353500

Itti-taxi: 02223353355

What are the means of transportation in the city of Eskişehir?

Eskişehir has three main modes of transportation, which are the tram, bus, dolmus, riverboat, and taxi.

İs moving around in Eskisehir easy?

Yes, you can easily commute to all places of Eskişehir as the stations are spread in all places.