Eskisehir Technical University

Eskisehir Technical University is the third university located in the city of Eskişehir that was established in 2018 after it was a part of Anadolu University.

The university has a strong research infrastructure in addition to its own airport, Eskisehir Technical University focuses mainly on the engineering and scientific fields.

Eskisehir Technical University

About Eskisehir Technical University

Eskisehir technical university is a state university in Turkey, on May 18, 2018, it began providing education in Eskişehir with 5 faculties, 3 research institutions and 2 vocational schools in 2 separate campuses. 

As of 2019, the university had 1,317 employees and over 12,000 students.

2 Eylul Campus

The second of Eylul campus is the main campus of Eskisehir Technical University, as the dean building is located in it in addition to most of the important administrative buildings.

The campus was established by Anadolu University and then transferred to the acquisition of Eskisehir Technical University in 2018 upon its establishment.

The 2nd of September campus contains the buildings of the College of Engineering with all its departments, in addition to the Aviation department, the College of Sports Sciences, in addition to Hasan Polatakan Airport (Eskişehir Airport).

There are many important student facilities in the campus, ranging from indoor sports halls that can play archery, volleyball, and basketball.

The campus also contains a full open stadium for the College of Sports with a capacity of about 12,500 fans.

Eskişehir Technical University

Eskisehir Technical University Faculties

The university contains 5 faculties spread over two campuses in the city of Eskişehir:

Faculty of Science:

Department of Statistics.
Department of Physics.
Department of Chemistry.
Department of Biology.
Department of Mathematics.

Faculty of Architecture and Design:

Department of Architecture.
Department of Interior Architecture.
Department of Fashion and Textile Design.
Department of Industrial Design

Faculty of Aviation and Space Sciences:

Administration Air Traffic Control
Department of Air Guidance Division

Faculty of Engineering:

Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (the teaching language is 100% English).
Computer Engineering Department (Teaching language is 100% English).
Department of Industrial Engineering (teaching language English 30).
Environmental Engineering Department (Teaching language English 30).
Department of Chemical Engineering (Teaching language English 30).
Department of Civil Engineering (English 30).
Department of Materials Science and Engineering (the teaching language is 100% English).
Department of Civil Engineering (30% of the teaching language is English).
Department of Mechanical Engineering (English 30).

Faculty of Sport Sciences:

Department of Training
Education, Department of Physical Education and Teaching of Sports,
Department of Recreation,
Department of Sports Administration

Eskişehir Technical University

There are also 3 graduate institute in the university that offers master and Phd programs which are:

• Institute of Graduate Studies
• Institute of Transportation Sciences
• Institute of Earth and Space Sciences

Vocational Schools of Eskişehir Technical University:

Eskisehir Technical University has two Vocational schools offering programs with two years of studies for each major.

Porsuk Vocational School with the following departments:

Department of Audiovisual Technologies and Media Production
Department of Computer Technologies
Department of Electricity and Energy Circuits
Department of Electronics and Automation
Radio and Television Technology
Program Mechatronics Program
Department of Metallurgical Machines and Technologies
Program of Machine, Coating and Building
Design Department Graphic Design Program
Construction Department
Building Inspection Program
Department of Electronics and Automation / Aerial Vehicle Technology and Operations Program without Pilot

Hasan Polatakan Airport:

Hasan Polatkan Airport was opened for the first time to air traffic under the name “Anadolu Airport” in March 1989.

The airport is primarily aimed at meeting the national and international air transportation demand that may occur in Eskisehir and neighboring provinces through the educational activities of the Faculty of Aviation and Space Sciences.

Hasan Polatakan Airport is the first licensed university airport in the world, with an international operating license obtained in 2007.

Student clubs in Eskisehir Technical university

Club Names Details
Ateş Böceği A student club that cares about street animals and and environmental issues
Electrical Engineering Students’ European Association They participate in engineering workshops in Europe related to Electrical engineering  
Environment and Sustainability Club It performs activities related to the environment and the preserve of nature
Dance club Dance activities 
Industry and Productivity Club They organize seminars and start-up events with regional and country companies or important persons belonging to those companies 
Erasmus Club They organize activities that help students participating in the Erasmus Program.
Photography Club They organize activities related to photography and editing
Eskişehir Technical University Student Branch Club (IEEE ) The aim of IEEE Eskisehir Technical University Student Club main aim is to carry out studies on the development of engineering and practices in electricity, electronics, computers, automation, telecommunications, social and many other fields.
Career and Entrepreneurship Club They carry out studies on seminars and events related to career and Entrepreneurship. 
Chemistry and Technologies Club It is a club that shares information and organizes events on chemistry
Recreation and Activity Club They organize activities under the name of social, environment, education, social, health, sports, culture, art, financial literacy concepts.
Art Activities Club It is a group where individuals interested in art gather together and organize activities. 
Defense Industry and Technologies Club (SASTEK) They organize activities to increase the interest in Defense Industry products and to direct students to this field.
Civil Aviation Club It aims to raise awareness in terms of Civil Aviation. 
Design Club It is a club that aims to offer internship opportunities to students in the field of Architecture and Design. 
Data Science Club A club where individuals who want to improve themselves in terms of software , machine learning and programming come together. 

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How to get to Eskisehir Technical University?

You can reach the campus of September 2nd of Eskisehir Technical University by taking a taxi, or by taking municipal buses No. 63, 4K, 4M, or 55.