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Donation in Turkey: Full Guide .. 2022

Donation in Turkey is very common. In this article, we will tell you everything you want to know about donating in Turkey.

To donate is to give something (money, property, organs, blood, etc.) that will be useful to someone and meet their needs for good and assistance.

Donation in Turkey

Donors are defined as individuals and institutions who provide in-kind or monetary assistance for the consumption of poverty, which has emerged as one of Turkey’s most serious social problems.

The donor plays an important role in the process of raising awareness about poverty and converting this sensitivity into contribution.

Types of Donation in Turkey

When it comes to donating, the options are not limited .

We have provided you with a list of various types of donations:

  • Monetary donations are referred to as cash donations.
  • Non-monetary donations in the form of goods, services, or free use are known as donations in kind.
  • When purchasing a gift for a friend, you can help those in need by purchasing the gift from a donation institution.
  • Do you want to give your wedding guests a souvenir as a thank you? This present can be made more meaningful. You can also give this gift as an invitation in online giving form, magnet, or certificate.
  • It is critical to offer assistance both on good and bad days. By donating, you can express your condolences or wish someone a speedy recovery.

One of the most common situations encountered in Social Responsibility is “I want to donate, but I’m not sure where I can donate to.”

We’ve compiled a list of organizations to which you can donate to alleviate your anxiety:

The Turkish Education Foundation  (TEV)

The Turkish Education Foundation, abbreviated TEV, is one of the most well-known educational foundations. Its mission is to provide scholarships to deserving high school, university, and doctoral students.

With your contributions, you can provide scholarships to deserving children.

Donation in Turkey

The Green Crescent

People who work for the Green Crescent don’t work for the government. They do public health and advocacy work that is based on the idea that everyone has the right to live a healthy life.

They work to protect society and young people from unhealthy habits without discrimination and with respect for national and moral values, using scientific methods.

You can help this worthy cause by making a donation to the Green Crescent.

Donation in Turkey
the green checscent


SMA-DER is an organization that works to provide individuals with SMA and their families with accessible health, education, and social services, as well as to support the implementation of new treatment methods and to achieve a healthy future.

A small gesture for SMA patients can improve their quality of life and help them hold on to life more tightly.

You can be with SMA patients and make a difference in their lives by making regular monthly donations without saying anything more or less.


Lösev is a non-profit organization that helps children with leukemia and blood diseases with their medical expenses, educational needs, and other needs.

You can donate to Lösev if you want to help children suffering from these debilitating diseases.


Darussafaka Vakfi provides orphans and poor children with free and boarding education.

Donating can be a wise decision.


While the IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation carries out its mission in order of priority throughout the world;

  • In areas where war and its consequences continue to wreak havoc
  • It works in impoverished countries and regions.
  • In disaster zones

You can make a donation to the IHH by clicking here.

Car Donation in Turkey

Before you say to expert donate my car to charity, you should be aware of several aspects of the process. Donating a car as a tax deduction may or may not make financial sense. However, if you’re serious about donate your car for philanthropy, the tax break is merely a bonus. Make sure you’re dealing with a reputable donation service or qualified before donate car to charity. You may think about donate car to veterans. Also there are organizations that you can donate junk car.

Possibilities for Tomorrow

It is an organization that supports children’s education in village schools by developing projects based on the needs of the school, serves as a role model for children, strengthens their imaginations, and allows them to imagine a different future. It tries to reduce educational inequity; unlike other village school projects, it truly touches the lives of children by spending time with them.

Those who wish to contribute to the fight against educational inequality may do so.

Turkey Red Crescent

The Turkey Red Crescent performs critical functions such as ensuring social solidarity, contributing to the development of social welfare, and providing shelter, nutrition, and health care to the poor and needy.

The Turkish Red Crescent is an organization that provides services in the areas of blood, disaster relief, international aid, migration and refugee services, social services, health, first aid, education, youth, and mineral water.

You can donate to Kzlay by clicking on this link.

Donation in Turkey
the red crescent society

Turkiye Diyanet Foundation

Turkey religion Foundation, which is affiliated with the Presidency of Religious Affairs, works for the development and spread of Islam and extends a helping hand from Turkey to millions of people in crisis areas where hunger, natural disasters, war, and violence are experienced in various geographies around the world.

You can make a donation to the Turkish Religious Foundation by clicking here.

Sacrificial Giving Donation in Turkey (Kurban in Turkey)

Turkey Red Crescent

In accordance with the needs, the slaughtering of the votive sacrifice proxies given to the Turkish Red Crescent and the delivery of the meat to the needy is carried out in the country and abroad.

After making an adak qurban donation through the bank, call center, branches, website, or mobile application;

  • The donor is notified via SMS that the donation has been received.
  • The names of the deputies are read out loud, and religious obligations are met.
  • Slaughter operations are conducted under the supervision of veterinarians, with Islamic slaughtering conditions in mind; it is prepared by certified butchers in modern slaughterhouses that adhere to hygiene standards.
  • If slaughtering is done in the country, it must be done within 30 days of receiving the votive sacrifice donation and under the supervision of a Notary Public.

After then the cutting process is completed;

  • Donors are notified via SMS once.
  • After the votive qurban slaughtering process is completed, it is delivered as hot food to soup kitchens, nursing homes, student dormitories, and branches of Kızılay (the Turkish Red Crescent).
  • Throughout the year, some of the meat is canned and distributed to those in need.

Turkiye Diyanet Foundation

A sacrificial sacrifice organization has been formed in collaboration with the Directorate of Religious Affairs and the Turkish Religious Foundation to assist those who wish to deliver the sacrifice to those in need, as well as to ensure that this worship is carried out in accordance with religious provisions and in accordance with its purpose.

It slaughters and distributes wajib, votive, aqiqa, and gratitude victims in accordance with Islamic methods in Turkey with the “Assurance of the Turkish Religious Foundation.”

Sacrifices made by proxy to the Turkish Diyanet Foundation are slaughtered within one month on average, and Vacip Sacrifices are made within the first three days of the holiday, and recipients are notified via SMS/E-mail.

Turkey’s Armed Forces Foundation

Turkey’s Armed Forces Foundation is where you can donate for the Turkish army.

It is a foundation that effectively uses donations, corporate dividends, and other Foundation revenues to strengthen the Turkish Armed Forces and contribute to the development of the Turkish defense industry.

The Mehmetcik Foundation

It is used by the Turkish Armed Forces, the Gendarmerie General Command, and the Coast Guard Command.

Mehmetcik Foundation allows you to donate for the family of the Myrtrs of the Turkish army.

During the service, it is given to privates and privates who have died or become disabled (except for Specialized Privates, expert gendarmes, and contracted non-commissioned officers and privates) to themselves, their spouses and children, and their dependents.

Its goal is to boost social and economic support by increasing it.

Those interested in making a donation can do so by clicking here.

Donation in Turkey

Zakat Donation in Turkey

It aims, in collaboration with the Presidency of Religious Affairs and the Turkish Diyanet Foundation, to distribute the Zakat of philanthropists with a strong sense of charity to as many people as possible in the country and abroad.

It works to ensure that Zakat is collected not only during Ramadan, but also effectively throughout the year, and to contribute to the spread of Zakat awareness and culture in our people and throughout the Islamic World.

The project “May Our Brotherhood Be Blessed with Zakat” has begun to support the efforts of helping and solidarity with Muslim brothers.

You can donate your zakat here.

Ramadan Fitre Donation in Turkey

The amount of donate Fitre for 2022 was announced by the Presidency of the Supreme Council of Religious Affairs.

Prof. Dr Abdurrahman Haçkal, the meeting’s chairperson, determined the amount of fitra as 40 TL for the period from the start of Ramadan in 2022 to the start of Ramadan in 2023. (This is the amount that has been determined for Turkey.

Hz. Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) In his hadith, instructed that “Fitre be given before going to the Eid prayer.”

Ramadan Fitre for fasting money amount can be given in cash, in the form of food, and so on. It is also possible to give it in kind from the substances.

The Turkish Diyanet Foundation accepts donations for the fitre.


As stated in the verse, the fidyah is the amount of sadaqah al-fitr, which consists of feeding a poor person for a full day. A day is divided into two meals.

The person who must pay the fidyah may do so in cash as well. Fasting fidyahs can be given on a regular basis during Ramadan or in bulk at the end of the month.

The Diyanet Foundation will deliver your fidyah to those in need. In Turkey, the minimum fidyah price for the year 2022 is 40 TL.

The fidya kaffara can be paid through the Turkish Religious Foundation.

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Donation in Turkey

Blood Donation in Turkey

Turkish Red Crescent Society

Turkish Red Crescent aims to provide a sustainable safe blood supply by combining its experience with innovative technologies and approaches, raising societal awareness and serving as a model for meeting the need for safe blood.

Donating Blood, Immune Plasma Donation in Turkey, Apheresis Donation in Turkey, and pbsc donation to the Turkish Red Crescent can help save lives.

Donation in Turkey

Organs Donation in Turkey

Anyone over the age of 18 who is in good mental health and in good physical health can become an organ donor.

To become a volunteer organ donor in Turkey, one should apply to health directorates, organ donation coordinators of public and private hospitals or health centers.An organ donation card is given to the donor after filling out the organ donation in Turkey form at these locations.

The person’s status as a donor is recorded in the Ministry of Health’s Organ and Tissue Donation Information System.

Because the family will make the final decision following the donor’s brain death, it is critical to inform the donor’s family that he wishes to donate his tissues and organs. A person can revoke their consent to be an organ donor at any time by contacting the same institutions and organizations.

Hair Donation in Turkey

Hair donors can also get free haircuts from hairdressers who voluntarily support the Let My Hair Be Your Hair project, which is run by the Cancer Fighters Association. Following that, the hair that arrives at the association is distributed to the wig workshops that contribute to the project.

Diagnosed people who want wigs can contact the project managers via the association’s and the project’s social media accounts. They provide free wigs made of real hair to people who are diagnosed as soon as possible.

You can contribute to this lovely project by clicking here.

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