Anadolu University  is one of the most important universities in Turkey and the most famous, as characterized by the diversity of its specialties and modern university campus , where it is considered one of the beauty of the best Turkish universities .

Anadolu University in Eskişehir is famous for providing a feature of a high quality open learning and distance education for many students in various countries around the world and within the territory of Turkey.

Anadolu University

History of Anadolu University 

Anatolia University was established under the name of Eskişehir University of Economic and Business Sciences in 1958, and its name changed in 1982 to Anadolu University.

The university has gained a prominent position among Turkish universities as a modern and innovative institution, as the university is one of the largest universities not only in Turkey, but also in the world.

Anadolu University

Anadolu university tuition fees

For students who hold Turkish citizenship, the costs of studying at Anadolu University are completely free, and for foreign students, the costs of studying at Anadolu University for them range from 580-600 TL per semester.

Admission Requirments to the Anadolu university

For foreign students, an ANADOLUYOS test must be taken, which is held in Turkey and in many countries of the world.

A student must obtain at least 50 scores on the ANADOLUYOS test to apply to the university’s programs and 20 scores to apply to the open education programs.

Tests accepted for applying to Anadolu University:

A) ACT – minimum score of 21 in science (scientific thinking), mathematics and complex,
b) score of no less than 300 out of 350 in the Afghan National University Entrance Examination (KONKUR-Baccalaurea)
c) score of no less than 400 out of 700 in Central University Entrance Examination held by TQDK in Azerbaijan,
d) score of no less than 60 out of 100 in Indonesia Ujlan Akhir National (UAN),
e) GAOKAO exam – score of not less than 480 out of 750 in the scores of subjects accepted by the applicable program,
and A minimum score of B3 for each of the six subjects, including mathematics, on the WAEC (West African Examination Board) exam held in Nigeria.
G) SAT 1 – a score of no less than 550 in Mathematics, and an overall score of no less than 1,000 in Mathematics + Reading.

High school exams accepted for application at Anatolia University

A) ABITUR or Austria MATURA – Exam score of 14 (applications with FACT ABITUR without exam will not be accepted),
b) DIPLȎME DU BACCALAUREAT GENERAL (type of French Baccalaureate and Baccalaureate degree offered only in France) – Diploma score of not less than 12,
c) GCE (A level) – at least two levels (A), one of which is related to the applied program.
D) A minimum diploma of 3.5 for the Swiss MATURA exam;
E) For those who hold Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus citizenship: reside in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and have a high school education in the TRNC and obtained the GCE AL exam, were educated in a high school in another country between 2005 and 2010 and took the GCE AL exam ,
F) Obtaining a diploma of at least 10 in the Greek “Apolytirion of Lykeo / Matriculation”.

Departments of Anatolia University

The university campus includes 12 baccalaureate level colleges – three of which offer distance education, 3 applied schools – one for music and drama, in addition to two vocational schools and 6 graduate schools – four of which are at master’s and doctoral levels, and 30 research centers.

Anadolu university

The university contains the following departments:


College of Distance Education
College of Pharmacy
College of Human Sciences
College of Education
College of Fine Arts
College of Law
College of Economics and Administrative Sciences
College of Economics

College of Tourism and Hotels
College of Communication Sciences
College of Business Administration

Vocational schools

School of Physical Education and Sports
School of Music and Drama
School of Industrial Arts
School for the Disabled
School of Foreign Languages
State Conservatory

Distance education Anadolu University

Anadolu University is one of the leading institutions in open education in the world, with the total number of students in the three Anadolu University Distance Education Faculties of more than 2 million students.

Open education lessons are offered in a variety of methods, the most important being pre-recorded TV and radio broadcasts, as well as online videos.

Distance education Anadolu University outside Turkey

Anadolu University offers open education programs in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Western Europe, Azerbaijan, Kosovo, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovina, North America and Saudi Arabia.

Anadolu university

Advantages of Anadolu University

The University of Anatolia in Eskişehir is distinguished by its prestigious name and the high quality of education it offers with its modern laboratories and distinguished faculty members. All laboratories, workshops and studios at the university are equipped with the latest tools and devices.

Anadolu university lab

One of the most important features of Anadolu University is its distinguished library that contains more than 315,000 books, magazines and printed scientific papers in addition to many electronic resources.

The university also provides free soup, tea and coffee to students for one hour from midnight to students studying in the library at that time.

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University students can enjoy the multiple facilities on campus, which vary between the swimming pool, gyms, concert halls, theater, cinema, tennis courts, and football fields at affordable prices.

More than 2,500 faculty members work at Anadolu University, the professors have national and international experience, as well as prominent researchers and artists in Turkey.

The university also provides full meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for students

Anadolu university resturant

The most famous graduate of Anadolu university

Yılmaz Büyükerşen – current mayor of Eskisehir and former rector of Anatolian University
Fathi Heber – football player
Belen Karahan – actress
Aisha Khatun Onal – model, actress, singer-songwriter
Levent Uzumko – actor
Nurgul Yesilkai – actress

Communication with Anadolu university

Phone: +902223350580

Email: [email protected]

Address: Anadolu Üniversitesi Yunus Emre Kampüsü 26470 Tepebaşı / ESKİŞEHİR


How much is the tuition fees Anadolu University?

The costs of studying at Anadolu university for Turkish students are completely free, as for foreign students, the price of one semester ranges between 500-600 Turkish liras.

What are the most important specializations of Anadolu university?

Anatolia University contains many important disciplines, the most important of which are business administration, economics and pharmacy, and you can see a detailed list of departments in the following article.

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