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About us

When I came to Turkey. It was a long journey, but now that I’m here I find myself in a new country with no information about how things work. That’s why I created Turkpidya, to inform people. You may be wondering: what is this encyclopedia? Well, it contains all the knowledge of Turkey, written by me and our Team!

Our team in Turkpidya focuses on producing informative articles with accurate translations for everyone around the world.

Turkpidya is a one-stop resource for all your Turkish needs — whether it’s looking up information on a Turkish author or the history of Istanbul we’ve got you covered! We promise that our clean and user-friendly design will be worth your time.

Turkpidya Encyclopedia aims to enrich the content related to Turkey on the Internet in all international languages to increase awareness and knowledge of the Turkish culture and way of life.

We seek to increase information also about the Turkish economy, Turkish cities, tourism in Turkey, and all information related to the Turkish state in general.

The main objective of the encyclopedia is to provide the reader with an approved source of information about Turkey, and to achieve this, we aim to provide rich articles with high-quality content.

Our Target is to provide reliable high quality information about Turkey For people from every tonunge, everywhere.

Turkpidya is a part of Pidya group.

Why did you start Turkpidya?

The word “Turkey” is searched on Google monthly between 10-1 million times! most content on the internet about Turkey is news or Tourism we aim to change that and give Turkey a proper rich content suiatble to the huge demand for knowing more about Turkey.

Who is working in Turkpidya?

Currently, Turkpidya is maintained by it’s founder Abdullah Habib who is an Egyptian mixed Turkish descent studying in Turkey.

Is Turkpidya Hiring?

Yes! We aim to hire many fresh writers from everywhere around the world to expand our language inventory.

How can İ contact Turkpidya?

By sending an Email on [email protected], or by filling the form in contact us page.

What is Turkpidya Encyclopedia?

Turkpedia is a complete encyclopedia that seeks to enrich the content on the Internet by adding information about Turkey to all users using high-quality articles.

Is Turkpidya an independent encyclopedia?

Yes, Turkpidya encyclopedia is completely neutral and independent. All information published in the encyclopedia passes many strict criteria for selection from its sources.

What are the languages in Turkpidya Encyclopedia?

Turkpidya Encyclopedia aims to write information about Turkey in all world languages.
Currently, the encyclopedia publishes articles in Arabic, Turkish, English, Russian, Dutch, Spanish, French, German, Romanian, Portuguese, Hebrew and İtalian languages.

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