PayPal In Turkey

Paypal in Turkey

İs Paypal service available in Turkey? everyone who comes to Turkey wonder about the famous payment American company. What happened to Paypal in Turkey and what is the replacements for it? we will discuss all of this in the following article. What happened to Paypal in Turkey? Paypal operated for Read more…

Turkish airlines cargo

Turkish airlines cargo

Turkish airlines cargo shipping Company is one of the most important shipping companies in Turkey, as it offers a variety of services. Turkish airlines Shipping Company provides services to 127 countries as it is the fastest growing brand in air freight worldwide. What is Turkish airlines cargo? Turkish airlines cargo has carried out air cargo transfers for Read more…

Mersin sea port

Mersin International Port

Mersin International Port (Mersin Uluslararası Limanı (MIP is one of the most important Turkish ports located on the Mediterranean sea, where it is the second largest port in the Turkish Republic. Mersin International Port caters to a large part of Turkey’s import and export volumes with its vast inland territories, accessible transportation opportunities and qualified human resources. In the Read more…



TEKNOFEST is the largest aviation and aerospace festival in Turkey and the second largest aviation festival in the world. With funding from Turkey ‘s main institutions and businesses, the main goal for Teknofest is to turn Turkey into a technology-producing community. What is Teknofest? TEKNOFEST means “Technology Festival” in Turkish, it presents young people with lots of opportunities to get know more about technology. The Festival started in 2018 in Istanbul new airport and was held in Gaziantep on 2020. In addition to interactive programs Read more…

Halk Bank

Halk Bank

Halk bank is the third largest bank in Turkey, and is considered one of the most important government banks operating within the borders of the Turkish Republic, as it has financial assets of about 457 billion lira. The bank is considered one of the main banks in Turkey, through which the Read more…

BİM market

Bim market

Bim Market is one of the most famous Turkish supermarkets for selling food, beverages and products, as the BIM brand has spread in many countries around the world. Not only in Turkey, but BIM Market has branches in Egypt, and Morocco, in addition to many investments elsewhere. History of Bim Read more…

iş bank

İş bank

İŞ bank is the second largest bank in the Republic of Turkey in terms of assets The bank provides all standard banking services, as it is one of the leading banks in Turkey in banking transactions. History of iş bank After the end of World War I in 1918, Turkey Read more…

Yapi Kredi Bank

Yapi Kredi Bank

Yapi Kredi is one of the largest private commercial banks in Turkey, it ranks fourth in the list of banks with the largest assets in Turkey. Yapı Kredi Bank branches spread all over the Republic of Turkey, with 835 branches, and it provides services to more than 13 million customers. Read more… Protection Status