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Turkpidya is a unique resource for your questions about Turkey. Information about history, culture, economy and even cities is right here! We promise that our clear and user-friendly design will be worth your time.

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A category that covers the Turkish culture, tradition, and way of life.

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From Turan Mountain to Anatolia, the Turks have made a lot of civilization. This category is intended to encompass Turkic history as well as modern-day Turkey’s history.

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Turkey is a major economic powerhouse. With massive megaprojects, manufacturing, agriculture, and a service sector, the Turkish economy will undoubtedly offer something for everyone.

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Turkey, with 81 provinces, is full with interesting cities with diverse cuisine, culture, weather, and more.

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Turkey is a global tourist destination. you will struggle to find a country with as much cultural variation as Turkey’s tourist cities, which include natural marvels, historical monuments, beach resorts, and ski resorts.

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