Top 5 Electric Scooter Apps in Turkey : The Ultimate Guide to the Best Ones

Electric Scooter Apps in Turkey

Top 5 Electric Scooter Apps in Turkey, Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, all Turkish cities, best apps to download and average prices in US dollar.

Since there are now so many applications and options in this area, we have prepared a guide to help you decide on the best electric scooter application. You can try them all according to your region and compare the current electric scooter prices and discover for yourself which is the cheapest electric scooter app.

Electric Scooter Apps in Turkey


With electric scooters being included so much in our lives, the competition of companies in the industry to be the best electric scooter application is increasing day by day. Because in urban travel, the cheapest electric scooter rental has recently become one of the most preferred vehicles. The fact that they are relatively portable and economical to electric vehicles is one of the most important reasons why they are preferred.

Sometimes we started to use these scooters intensively, which are located at certain points of the cities to catch up with a place when there is heavy traffic, and sometimes to take a beach tour for entertainment purposes. In fact, they spread so widely; Even special laws have begun to be passed for these electric scooter mobile applications, the number of which is increasing day by day.

Especially in highly populated cities, the loss of a lot of time due to traffic in travels by personal vehicle or public transport and the fact that fuel prices lead to very serious costs in public transportation and personal vehicle use also affect their popularity. Even in metropolitan cities such as IstanbulAnkara and Izmir, serious parking problems have started to emerge. So which is the cheapest electric scooter app?

Best Electric Scooter Apps in Tukey

Marti Scooter

Marti Scooter, which was originally implemented in test districts in Istanbul in 2017, is now the best electric scooter application in Turkey in terms of service area and number of scooters. It is one of the most popular electric scooter apps because to its ease of use, dependability, institutional functioning, and availability in numerous towns and districts around Turkey.

Marti, the first application to offer scooters to Turkey, is readily subscribed to, and rides can only be started by scanning a QR code. You can also choose between electric scooters and mopeds through the app.

Electric scooter rates in Marti are calculated based on the number of minutes spent. There is also the option to give a balance to a friend, and when you invite a friend, you will receive a 10 TL gift driving balance.

Marti, Turkey’s mobility super app, was founded in 2018 and provides its customers with a variety of transportation options such as e-mopeds, e-bikes, and e-scooters.

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Marti scooter Turkey

Hop Scooter

Hop Scooter, one of the most popular electric scooter applications in Turkey, is a popular and useful application in many Turkish cities.

This application, which was launched in Ankara in 2019, quickly spread to neighboring cities, most notably Istanbul and Izmir. It was one of the applications that began operating in Turkey last year and expanded internationally by opening to Montenegro for the first time.

Hop’s membership sales are rapid, and driving can be started by scanning the QR code. The fee is calculated by the minute, like with other applications, and can be quickly paid using the Masterpass payment system.

Hop, like most other programs, allows you to earn a 10 TL free ride balance by inviting friends.

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Hop Scooter Istanbul

Bin Bin Scooter

Bin Bin Scooters, which were initially utilized extensively on Istanbul’s ancient peninsula, later began to serve in major locations throughout the city, including Istanbul Airport and other cities throughout Turkey. As of 2022, it has become the first international scooter application to expand beyond Turkey, with nations such as Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Croatia joining.

Binbin membership transactions are simple, and you can begin your journey by scanning a QR code. The charge is calculated based on duration, and the usage fee is reflected to you based on the time you utilize.

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bin bin scooter

Fenix Scooter

Fenix Scooter, which began operations in Istanbul and Mersin, Turkey, as Palm Scooter in 2019, became “Palm by Fenix” after being acquired by an international firm in 2021.

Fenix, which has a large network and is one of the finest options for people seeking for the best electric scooter application, also features a grocery ordering area that can be utilized in specific locations.

Membership transactions on Fenix can be completed in minutes, and rides can be initiated simply scanning the QR code on the smartphones, as with other applications. The pricing tariff is calculated based on the duration of the scooter’s use. Unlike other programs, when you load the balance into the application, it pays you a bonus based on the fee you load.

Fenix Scooter

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Tazı Scooter

The Tazı Scooter is another application that stands out as the greatest scooter application in Turkey. It earns points for its users’ driving, unlike other programs.

Membership transactions at Tazı are completed in a matter of minutes, and the QR system can be used to begin driving in this program.

Despite the fact that the ticket is calculated on a minute-by-minute basis, owing to Tazı’s package system, it is possible to drive at substantially lower pricing.

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Other applications

The world of electric scooters, which is growing day by day in Turkey, has led to the emergence of many companies. For this reason, there are now many applications, large and small.

In our list above, we have listed the best electric scooter applications by evaluating some more mobile applications according to their quality and service areas. You can reach the alphabetical list of other applications operating in Turkey that we could not put on our list from below;

  • Biri Scooter
  • Gez Scooter
  • Hey! Scooter
  • Mobi Scooter
  • Scooby Scooter
  • Tin Tin Scooter

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