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Cezve Coffee Pot .. How to make the best coffee

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Cezve is the best traditional way to prepare a flavorful Turkish coffee, The Turkish Cezve is traditionally made of copper, Nowadays, Cezve is also made of stainless steel, aluminum or ceramics.

Cezve is also known as “Cezve ibrik” in some parts of the world, the main use of it is to cook ground roasted coffee.

Copper Cezve coffee pot

What is the meaning of Cezve

Cezve is a Turkish word from an Arabic origin jadhwaجَذْوَة Which means:

A burning piece, materially or morally, a burning ember, a piece of fire

The word Cezve probably came into being in the Ottoman era as a part of The History of Turkish coffee since the coffee was originally discovered in Yemen Province.

cezve ibrik turkish coffee pot

How to choose the best Cezve

You can choose the best Cezve İbrik for preparing Turkish coffee by paying attention to the following:

  1. Choose the kind of Turkish coffee pot you prefer the most as there are different kinds made out of different metals.
  2. Make sure to buy a coffee pot from a reputable place.
  3. Pay close attention to the body of the Cezve İbrik check for any damage or deformation in the main body or the hand.
  4. İf you decided to buy Electric Cezve make sure to buy a well known brand and check for the warranty which comes usually in 1,2 Years.

How to prepare Turkish coffee in Cezve

Turkish coffee is usually prepared in 4 ways. which are:

No sugar is added to plain coffee.

Low sugar coffee “1 teaspoon of sugar”

Medium sugar coffee “2 teaspoon of sugar”

High sugar coffee “3 teaspoon of sugar”

After deciding the amount of sugar you will use, follow these steps to prepare the best Turkish coffee in Cezve:

Prepare your Turkish coffee in the coffee pot, first by following the order of coffee, then sugar and water if desired.

Add 2 teaspoons of grounded Turkish Coffee and as much sugar as you want to the Cezve coffee pot for each cup.

Add 1 cup of cold water for every cup you want.

Stir the coffee (and sugar, if you added it) with water so that it is thoroughly soaked and dissolved.

Observe the coffee pot to boil over low heat until foam forms on it.

Before it starts to boil, take it from the low heat and share the coffee foam that has risen in the upper layer in equal amounts in the cups.

Bring the remaining coffee to a boil one more time and then divide it into cups.

Cezve ibrik coffee pot

What are the kinds of Cezve

Copper Cezve

Copper Cezve coffee pot is the tradtional ibrik coffee maker, as it has been used for hundreds of years to prepare Turkish coffee.

One of the main advantages of Cezve copper is the special taste it gives to the coffee which is primarily caused by copper and its heat transfer properties that allow the coffee to be cooked in an optimal way.

Copper Cezve pot

Stainless steel Cezve

The Stainless steel Cezve is considered a relatively modern kind of Cezve ibrik, although it doesn’t provide the same taste of the copper Cezve its still widely sold for its ease of use and ease of cleaning.

Stainless steel Cezve

Electric Cezve

The electric Cezve is an easy choice which prepares your coffee in a controlled manner while you are doing your work, thanks to the cooking detection sensor that prevents the coffee from overflowing its a great choice for people who wants a fast and rich in flavor coffee.

Electric Cezve ibrik

Ceramic Cezve

The Ceramic Cezve is usually made out of Clay, usually its Handmade out of red clay and its famous for being Eco-friendly and authentic.

The Ceramic coffee pot provides a very tasteful and rich aroma that is different than any kind of ibrik which gained a lot of popularity recently.

Ceramic Cezve

How to clean Cezve

Cleaning your Cezve is one of the most important practices not only to retain a lifetime of use, but to also To clean out coffee residue which may affect the flavor and taste next time of use.

To get the best results with a copper Cezve cleaning you will have to use more than soap and water and in general one of these 4 will be your best way to clean Cezve:


As strange as it may sound, ketchup is one of the most effective and practical products you can use to clean copper surfaces and Cezve ibrik Squeeze a piece of ketchup into a clean cloth and rub the blackness. You will see that the stains are cleared in a short time and your coffee pot shines brightly. Rinse with plenty of water after cleaning.


You can use any kind of vinegar for oxidation. Pour the grape or apple cider vinegar over the pot. Add a spoonful of cooking salt and rub the stains. With the salt and vinegar mixture, you can clean even the toughest stains. Do not forget to dry with a clean and lint-free cloth after cleaning.


The pH level and particulate nature of the carbonate helps to clean copper surfaces. Pour a tablespoon of baking soda to a moistened fabric and rub it. After the stains are removed, rinse with plenty of water and proceed to the drying process with the help of a lint-free cloth.


Acid lemon juice and salt are a practical method for blackening and oxidation removal, just like vinegar. Add a tablespoon of salt to the lemon you cut in half. Make sure that the stains are removed by rubbing the walnut with lemon. After the stains are removed, rinse with plenty of water and proceed to the drying process with the help of a lint-free cloth.

is it safe to use Cezve coffee pot

Yes! its completly safe to use the jezve for making a cup of Turkish coffee, the metal of the Cezve Copper or stainless steel is completely safe.

Can i use an Electric Cezve coffee pot to make Turkish coffee

Yes! you can use an electic Cezve to prepare a cup of Turkish coffee.

What is the meaning of Cezve

Cezve is a traditional Turkish coffee pot used to prepare coffee, the name is coming from an Arabic root and it means the flame.