American Express in Turkey

American Express in Turkey: Everything you need to know

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American Express in Turkey offers exclusive benefits and rewards, which are not offered by other similar companies. In this blog post we will discuss American express Turkiye, as well as what you need to know about the famous credit card!

If you’re looking for an American credit card in Turkey then this blog post will give you the information you need.

American Express in Turkey

About American express card in Turkey

American Express Turkey is one of the top credit cards in Turkey. The company offers exclusive benefits to its cardholders, including travel and purchase insurance that many other companies do not provide.

– American express Turkiye also provides excellent rewards for spending with their credit card like bonus points, cash back and free flights just to name a few!

There are 3 types of American Express in Turkey:

  1. The Platinum Card
  2. American Express Gold Card
  3. American Express Card

Benefits of American express Turkey card

– American express Turkey cardholders are eligible for a range of benefits such as travel and purchase protection, emergency assistance services, concierge service to name just a few.

The American Express credit card in Turkey is one of the most popular options available with over 11 million customers. The two main perks are that it provides excellent rewards programs and exclusive discounts not offered by competitors like cash back or free flights!

American Express in Turkey offers many incentives such as:

  • Travel insurance
  • Purchase protection
  • Emergency Assistance Services
  • Concierge Service

American Express also has an incredible rewards program which includes bonus points, cashback and free flight tickets!

The American express vacations are perfect for people who spend a lot on American Express as they offer attractive travel packages at discounted rates.

How to apply for American express card in Turkey

American Express Turkey is provided by Garanti bank can be applied for online by visiting the American express Turkey website.

You will need to to provide your Turkish identity number and your phone number and the bank will contact you.

– The application process is not complicated but does require that applicants are at least 18 years old or over (or if under 17, accompanied by legal guardian).

You can also apply for American express Turkiye by visiting any Garanti bank branch.

american express turkiye

How much do American express cards cost

The American Express credit card in Turkish lira vary depending on type:

 American Express CardAmerican Express Gold CardPlatinum Card
Principal Card Fee500 TL1.000 TL2.000 TL
Additional Card Fee164.5 TL500 TL1.000 TL
Card Renewal FeeChanging your card due to lost/stolen is free of charge. Additional cards are also included in the application.
Commercial & Corporate Cards2021 membership fee
Business Cards
American Express Business680 TL
American Express Business Gold900 TL
Corporate Cards
American Express680 TL
American Express Corporate Gold900 TL

Is AmEx available in Turkey

Yes, American express cards are available in Turkey.