Amazon Azerbaijan: A Comprehensive Guide 2023

Are you curious about Amazon’s expansion into Azerbaijan Look no further than this informative blog post. With Amazon’s entry into the country, both customers and businesses can expect new opportunities and services.

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Amazon Azerbaijan

The Growing E-commerce Market in Azerbaijan

E-commerce is becoming increasingly popular in Azerbaijan. The market has seen steady growth in recent years, with more and more people turning to online shopping for its convenience and vast product selection. This has resulted in the emergence of local e-commerce websites and increased interest in international platforms like Amazon.

Is There Amazon in Azerbaijan

Even though there is no official Amazon Azerbaijan, it doesn’t mean that residents of Azerbaijan can’t enjoy the benefits of shopping on Amazon. The nearest Amazon site that Azerbaijani shoppers can use is Amazon Turkey, and they can also order from Amazon International if the seller delivers to Azerbaijan. In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of shopping on these platforms and provide some alternatives for your online shopping needs.

Why Amazon Hasn’t Launched in Azerbaijan

Although the e-commerce market is growing in Azerbaijan, Amazon has yet to establish a dedicated website for the country. This may be due to several factors, including market size, logistics, and competition with local e-commerce platforms. However, this doesn’t mean that Azerbaijani shoppers are left out in the cold.

Shopping on Amazon Turkey

Amazon Turkey is the closest Amazon website for Azerbaijani shoppers. The website offers a wide range of products, competitive prices, and relatively fast shipping to Azerbaijan.

How to Create an Account

Creating an Amazon Turkey account is simple. Visit the website, click on the “Hesap ve Listeler” (Account & Lists) option, and then click “Yeni müşteri Başlayın” (New customer Start here) to sign up. Provide your email address, create a password, and fill out the required personal information. Once your account is created, you can start shopping.

Navigating the Website

Although the Amazon Turkey website is primarily in Turkish, you can use the built-in language options to switch to English, making navigation easier. Simply click on the “Dil” (Language) option at the top of the page and select English.

Payment Options

Amazon Turkey accepts various payment options, including major credit cards, debit cards, and gift cards. Remember that all transactions are in Turkish Lira, so keep an eye on the exchange rate to ensure you’re getting the best deal.

Shipping and Customs

Shipping costs and customs fees depend on the seller and the product you’re purchasing. When you check out, you’ll see the estimated shipping costs and any applicable customs fees. Delivery times vary, but generally, it takes around 7-15 days for your package to arrive in Azerbaijan. To avoid any customs issues, make sure you’re aware of any restrictions or regulations on the items you’re ordering.

Shopping on Amazon International

If you can’t find what you’re looking for on Amazon Turkey or want to explore more options, Amazon International is another choice for Azerbaijani shoppers. While not all sellers ship to Azerbaijan, many do, so it’s worth checking out.

How to Find Sellers That Ship to Azerbaijan

To find sellers that ship to Azerbaijan, simply visit the main Amazon website and search for your desired product. When you find an item you’re interested in, check the shipping details in the product description to see if it can be shipped to Azerbaijan.

International Shipping Fees and Customs

Shipping fees for international orders depend on the seller, product weight, and shipping method. Additionally, you may be required to pay customs fees upon arrival in Azerbaijan. Be sure to factor these costs into your overall purchase decision.

Tracking Your Package

Amazon provides tracking information for most international orders. Once your package has been shipped, you’ll receive a tracking number that you can use to monitor its progress. This can help you stay informed about the estimated delivery date and any potential delays.

Alternatives to Amazon for Azerbaijan Shoppers

If you’d prefer to shop closer to home or want to explore other international options, there are several alternatives to Amazon for Azerbaijani shoppers.

Local E-commerce Websites

Azerbaijan has a growing number of local e-commerce platforms that offer a wide range of products, often at competitive prices. Some popular options include, Azal Electronics, and Mado. Shopping on these websites can provide a more localized experience and often quicker delivery times.

International Online Retailers

In addition to Amazon, there are numerous international online retailers that ship to Azerbaijan. Some popular options include eBay, AliExpress, and ASOS. These websites offer a vast selection of products, and you may find that some have lower shipping costs or faster delivery times compared to Amazon.


Although there is no dedicated Amazon Azerbaijan website, Azerbaijani shoppers can still enjoy the benefits of shopping on Amazon Turkey and Amazon International. By following the steps outlined in this article, you’ll be able to navigate these websites and make informed decisions about your online purchases. Additionally, don’t forget to explore local e-commerce platforms and other international retailers for even more shopping options.


  1. Can I use my account to shop on Amazon Turkey
    • Yes, you can use your existing account to log in and shop on Amazon Turkey.
  2. What currency will I be charged in when shopping on Amazon Turkey
    • Transactions on Amazon Turkey are processed in Turkish Lira. Be sure to check the exchange rate to ensure you’re getting the best deal.
  3. Are there any restrictions on items I can order from Amazon and have shipped to Azerbaijan
    • Yes, some items may be restricted due to Azerbaijani customs regulations. Always check the product description and shipping details to ensure the item can be shipped to Azerbaijan without issue.
  4. Can I return items I purchased on Amazon Turkey or Amazon International
    • Return policies vary depending on the seller and the specific item. Be sure to check the return policy for each item before making a purchase.
  5. Are there any additional fees for shopping on Amazon from Azerbaijan
    • In addition to shipping fees, you may be required to pay customs fees when your package arrives in Azerbaijan. Be sure to factor these costs into your overall purchase decision.
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